Finding Balance, Maximizing Effect, Moving Forward - The Evolution of the TribeSteemUp Community

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The @TribeSteemUp Projects is Growing & Evolving

Since this project launched last summer, it has been through some massive changes. Starting off as simply an auto-voting system for a small handful of creators to support each other (with our collective couple thousand SP), we have now evolved into a 200+ person community, with a chat server, weekly best-of & discussion posts, a floor on the earnings of anyone in the community, and MANY big things coming down the pipeline.

This is @kennyskitchen here, the founder of TribeSteemUp, and I have to say I am absolutely blown away by the evolution and growth of this project! I just wanted to find a way to help the people I love generate a bit more abundance with their content, and now it's HUGE! I am so grateful to everyone who has helped build the project along the way, and so grateful for the opportunities that the STEEM blockchain is allowing for manifesting our dreams quickly & powerfully!

Over the last weeks, so many projects have been started up by the wonderful humans of @TribeSteemUp, like @truck-life's bi-weekly questions for the tribe, @bryanj4 building our website, and @flauwy building us the new version of 1up (full breakdown at the bottom).

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The Foundation Stays the Same

While this project has expanded in many ways, and given birth to a true community, the initial goal is still alive & important to me. My goal with @TribeSteemUp was always to create effectively a Universal Basic Income for my people! This vision has come through in such a magnificent way recently (just wait until you get to the next section)

I have designed a container, I built a loose web of connection, I created a chat server to allow for community to build, and I gathered up a bunch of amazing humans. What happens in that container, what those humans go on to create with foundation I've built, is not something I have any desire to limit, micromanage, or have to worry about. I trust in the humans I'm collecting, and I want to make it clear to everyone in that tribe that as long as what you're creating is aligned with @TribeSteemUp's focus on sovereignty, peace, love, mindfulness, connection, and empowerment, you can assume that you have my support :-)

I am going to keep the auto-voter functioning as cleanly as possible, I am going to keep building it, I am going to keep answering questions when I can, but besides that I'm mostly going to let things run themselves.

From SteemReports

The Past Weeks

A few weeks ago, the community received a large delegation from @jamesc, completely shifting our capabilities in supporting content creators! After months of a $0.30 votes slowly growing into $1-2 votes, all of the sudden our 1% is almost a dollar. The floodgates were opened, and many who had been on the "short-list" were added to the auto-voting, since the capability to support so many was now present. We're now in the #10 slot on the entire block-chain, based on rewards distributed.

Voting power went wacky, people started posting more, the tiered voting weights for investments were WAY disproportionate, and things have been adjusting since. Now, after a couple weeks of tweaking, shifting our voting system from @steemvoter to @steemauto, and putting in some limitations, it feels like the account is approaching some equilibrium again.

Over the past 2 days, the account has consistently been hitting most of the posts (over 80% success), and the SP has been able to stay above 90% voting power, even giving a couple of bigger votes in that time. It feels good to not be scrambling so much.

Desire for Expansion, Need for Balance & Consistency

Over the last few weeks, we've seen the price of STEEM dropping (along with most of the market), as well as the votes from @adamkokesh dropping to 1%, and things have been feeling a little sparse on payouts... In the short run, at least. If you go back a couple more weeks (any time before 5/12/18), the account wasn't giving out anywhere near what it does now.

As of two months ago:

The switch to @SteemAuto has been great, allowing us to put a cap of 2 posts/day for each user, which helps to keep things balanced & distributed. My desire with this project has always been to create the highest locked-in abundance flow for as many people working to create the world that I want to live in as possible. At this point, I've frozen adding people to the list while working out the Voting Power instability. Now that things are becoming more stable, partially due to a few folks who consistently earn extremely large payouts being taken off the list for the auto-voter, I want to start adding in some more creators.

from SteemReports

The Question

Right now, I am trying to decide whether to make a final switch to the system before moving forward and adding more people to the list. Honestly, this is going to be my decision, but I am looking for input, both from those in the tribe, and from those who can look at it impartially, as they're not in the community.

Right now, the account votes at 10% weight, with a limit of 2 posts per creator per 24 hours.

I'm considering switching this to 1 post per day, with a 15% weight. This will allow for less overall SP use, as many members post 2+ times/day, and it will remove any incentive to just get out a 2nd post that might exist for someone.

Insights? Concerns? Considerations?

From SteemNow

@TribeSteemUp + 1up = @Tribe1up

The most exciting thing coming forward for @TribeSteemUp is collaborating with the 1up project, created by @flauwy & @stoodkev. We are starting with the tool they've created for @utopian-io, and are making a new version, which will allow the TSU community to vote on the best content every day (separate from STEEM voting), and the top 10 posts every day will be rewarded with a 100% upvote from @tribe1up.

I am not 100% sure how that looks on the coding side, what the process will be for the voting & sorting, but I'm glad to have such an awesome team jumping all over the project to make it happen! I can, however, explain what will happen from that point, once the next top post is selected.

Every 2.4 hours (when the 1up accounts hit 100% VP), the post with the most 1up votes, less than 6.5 days old, will receive a 100% up-vote from @tribetopten (as well as being re-steemed). Over the next minute, all of the accounts following the TribeTopTen Curation Trail will vote on the post (with whatever weight % each person has set). After a set delay (most likely 2 minutes), the @Tribe1Up account will give a 100% up-vote and re-steem the post as well. @Tribe1Up is the account we will be pooling most of our delegated SP into, and dividing the curation rewards from to incentivize investment in the project.

As @flauwy has been breaking down recently, getting your vote in right before a large vote is the way to maximize your curation rewards. By focusing on getting folks to follow this curation trail, we aree maximizing the rewards & visibility for the 10 best posts our community can put forth every day; and by doing it this way, we are effectively making the project an extremely profitable investment as well, because folks will see a multiplier on their daily earnings thanks to maximizing curation effectiveness.

Note: This project is still under way, and we're looking at maybe a month or so before it gets running


In Closing

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this, for supporting our community, and for being the bright, beautiful, shining light that you are!

It is an absolute joy to hold space for this project as it unfolds, and to simply be, here and now, in this most pivotal and magical time in human history.

If you're interested in my other projects, my healing journey, my vegan recipes, and everything else that's present & real for me, please feel free to follow my personal account: @kennyskitchen

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Since you are asking for everyone's opinion even from those who aren't members, I would like to share mine.

I'm considering switching this to 1 post per day, with a 15% weight

I think this can bring several benefits:

  • Less posts missing the bot upvote because now there will only be 1 daily action triggering the vote for each member instead of the current 2.

  • It could increase the quality of the posts from the community, since there might be people that instead of splitting efforts into 2 posts, begin to go all in with 1 great daily post.

The bad part will be of course for users that are creating 2 posts per day, so it would be fair for you to read the opinion of those users.

Also, I would recommend instead of one complete day, the timer should be set at 22 hours. So if a person makes a posts later than usual, he will be able to reduce 2 hours per day until he reaches his typical posting hour. With 1 upvote every 24 hours people might start to lose time if they post hours later than usual and those hours start to accumulate.



Also, I would recommend instead of one complete day, the timer should be set at 22 hours. So if a person makes a posts later than usual, he will be able to reduce 2 hours per day until he reaches his typical posting hour. With 1 upvote every 24 hours people might start to lose time if they post hours later than usual and those hours start to accumulate.

I agree 100%


Thank you for your input! I definitely see some benefits coming from a shift to 1/day, obviously in the ease & simplicity of the voting, but also with not making folks feel they have to put out 2 per day to get their pay.

The bad part will be of course for users that are creating 2 posts per day, so it would be fair for you to read the opinion of those users.

Precisely, those folks are the only ones who potentially lose out.

Also, I would recommend instead of one complete day, the timer should be set at 22 hours. So if a person makes a posts later than usual, he will be able to reduce 2 hours per day until he reaches his typical posting hour. With 1 upvote every 24 hours people might start to lose time if they post hours later than usual and those hours start to accumulate.

That's a great point, but unfortunately there is no way for me to implement that without creating our own auto-voting system, as @SteemAuto's is always measuring by 24 hours, and @SteemVoter's didn't allow that feature whatsoever.

This is an amazing project and quickly becoming one of my favorite. I hope to support this project in whatever way I can.

As for your decision, I think limiting it to once a day at 15% as opposed to 10% twice a day is a better option. While each person is getting a little less, it will allow for the project to meet more people.

I post twice a day almost daily and appreciate the two votes...that said I will give up a few dollars a day to give more people the opportunity to get the upvotes from this project.

The more people reached, the better.


Thanks for saying that, and it's nice to see others who post 2+/day echoing this sentiment :-)

Does being a member automatically link you to the Curation Trail via your feed or is there something else that should be done such as hooking up through Steemauto or similar? (pardon me, total noob, just getting the hang of things). Wondering also if member posts just link up to TribeSteemup when they are posted on one's blog or is there a different process?

Still figuring out the %vote thing, does a person set their vote to 100%... or lower for upvoting?

Gracias Kenny P,


hey @steemer-x you have to join the curation trail on steemauto, here's a link about how to set it up
if you are posting articles that are relevant to tribesteemup then you can use the tribesteemup tag and it will be there on the trending page.


Thank you @trucklife-family! I shall endeavor to persevere.


At the moment, the only way to see all the Tribe members' posts would be to follow them all or watch TSU's feed:

As @trucklife-family said, SteemAuto is how you can set up an automated voter to follow the trail or upvote individuals. We are going to be revamping the way we structure the autovoting quite a bit over the coming weeks to implement the 1up system and maximize curation rewards, as well as really pushing the best content from the tribe!

If you make a 100% upvote (all you can do manually until you get the slider), then you only get 10x day. Most folks follow the trail with about a 10% upvote.


Righteous @tribesteemup, I shall do so. You and @trucklife-family's suggestions help a lot. This learning curve is starting to level out.


Your idea to change the voting behaviour to one post a day with 15% is good thinking. Right now it is easy to think to squeeze out another post just to catch that one extra upvote. And I think that can lead to poorer quality posts. It also gives us room to grow.


I agree, and it seems like most everyone is on the same page. Going to give it through today for more thoughts, then I'm going to make the switch if there hasn't been a convincing reason not to.

Is there a way to set a weekly limit instead of a daily limit? That might make it a little harder to predict the regeneration of voting power but it could allow us to post more freely without worrying about missing the support from the tribe autovote. You could also adjust it to maybe 10 posts a week which would feel like a lot less of a change for most of us but also free up some VP.

I love having incentive to just post as much as I feel inspired to on days when I'm in the zone but also feeling like I'm not missing out on anything on days when I don't feel motivated. We could just write what we write and then put it on a posting schedule but that doesn't feel very natural to me.

Just an idea. It will be great to get more people on board (I certainly have lots of friends I'd like to recommend for the tribe) so do what you have to do.


Unfortunately there is not, unless we were to create our own voting tool. SteemAuto runs on 24 hour clocks, and Steemvoter doesn't allow you to put a limit at all.

I think $100/week per creator (assuming 1/day) is a pretty great baseline, and this whole thing should be to add consistency & support while folks are growing their audiences & SP, not the thing they depend on forever.

I'm really excited to get the 1up system rolling, as that will allow 70 more posts per week to get a nice fatty boost as well (hopefully enough to bump up the algorithms just a hair).


Great idea. $100 a week is incredible! If you can help people make it to dolphin status, we will be able to support each other once we graduate from tribesteemup, there aren’t enough dolphins at the problem, but you are doing a whole lot to change that!

I agree. Even though I'm a consistent 2 x per day poster, if 15% once per day is easier to maintain and leads to better quality overall, then it's a good shout.

There are so many other benefits to being part of this tribe, including this amazing sounding 1UP system and the opportunity to connect with all the people in here. x

hey Kenny, it's been really good to see so much happening for tribesteemup, In regards to the voting, I think you should go with which ever is the easiest to manage, I'm forever grateful either way.

Great job @kennyskitchen. I think auto-voting 1 post per day with the 15% is the best way to go about it, because this rests the VP so it can get to other content creators as the community is increasing in number. That's my opinion on that, I'm not a member of the community just airing my view, but in a bid to help the community I've been following the trail for some weeks now.

Fully supporting the idea to make it 1 post a day to 15%. The quality can increase and with the increase of quality, you will have more chance to get to the 1up top ten. So I mean that is just wonderful. Peace

Woow, you are supporting some great authers and doing something really amazing for the community!
We (@sbcbot) are also trying to set up a community related to sports betting. We do find that we need to support the new coming authors who are interested into sports betting and because it is a very narrow nice, it is hard for them to get some support by other communities.
With setting up the community, we hope to decrease the burn rate of new accounts a little bit!
We do believe that communities are one of the corner stone for Steemit to become a real success. Communities like yours and ours towards a sewing community. The more people will feel at home on the Steem Blockchain, the more people will stay around and bring in new members!

We have set up our voting bot as follows:

  • upvotes only whitelisted members
  • max 1 upvote per day
  • post will need to have the SBC tag (this way we can guarantee our members still can post about other niches or just real life)

We have set up for one vote per day because we don't want to encourage our members to post twice a day. When it is possible to get two upvotes a day, people will do it, to maximize their profits from the community, which will decrease the quality of the posts!

Our bot also does not control how many times a member uses the tag per day, we do trust them and the moment (after one month of running) we didn't see any abuse.
Because we know how hard it is to set up a community (not setting it up, but trying to achieve the ultimate goal : makings sure the members interact with each other and support each other and not the founders of the community), we want to thank you for the ongoing support you are giving to your members. Keep it going!

Ps: If you still have free spots available, feel free to ask for some recommendations!

Keep it going!

I see in your most recent post, you did make the switch to once daily voting. That was definitely the best choice, as you mentioned many people are incentivized "to just make a second post" and doesn't always lead to the best content creation here on the platform.
I'm just stumbling upon you today on my look around steemit, but very intrigued and interested in your community.

Either way is good but honestly maybe the 15% for one post per 24-hours would allow you to add more members.
As a member, and someone who usually writes one or two posts per day, the benefit would still be there for me and I am a person who believes in spreading the wealth to more.

And quoting @flauwy... which I 100% agree with...

think to squeeze out another post just to catch that one extra upvote. And I think that can lead to poorer quality posts. It also gives us room to grow.

Not a tribe member, but fully aligned with the 8 Pillars, and in total agreement with supporting one post daily in order to preserve SP and spread the wealth as the community grows.

Very excited to discover that this community exists, as I've somehow missed it up to now, but I'll go follow the curation trail and keep tabs on the feed. I'm already engaging with several members of the tribe.

Awesome! Thanks @kennyskitchen and other team members for constantly hustling and creating such a brilliant tribe to support the members who create great content constantly. Here are my inputs to improve this initiative:

  • Voting 1 post per 24 hours will not only counter abuse but it will def support newer members who would be invited to join in later on.

  • You should post a daily/weekly curation digest or daily synopsis showcasing brilliant blogs/posts/videos done by Tribe members. This will help in following ways

  • It will help more people to see the content of top rated users
  • Encourage more people to engage with the tribe and compete to get into the daily digest
  • It will also show the accounts regular behavior and curation work done on daily basis.
  • More revenue in terms of curation rewards and author rewards because many people will upvote these curation reports, especially those who are mentioned in the post.
  • Attract more contributors and investors to support the tribe's efforts

You can ask community members to prepare this digest on daily basis and maybe, reward those curators for their help! Community build effort will increase the credibility and engagement on a higher level.

  • Please run contents as well on weekly basis. It will also have the advantages mentioned above. And we all know the level of engagement you can get per post. :)

I hope you like these ideas!


these are great ideas and I have started weekly post about the hidden gems of Tribesteemup it is in it's second week now, you will be able to find it here #tribesteemup, and there are more about to happen. Thanks so much @sugandhaseth for your great suggestions,they are really appreciated x


Brilliant. You are already doing what I explained above @trucklife-family. Such a great job! Thank you so much for your reply and appreciating my suggestions. Followed you! :) I do not want to miss these curation posts.

Wow, I have seen a lot of community here on steemit but @Tribesteemup is one of the best and very corporative as they do their things orderly.
I am outside the community, how do I join the community?


The first order of business is to join the curation trail by using steemauto.

The second is to put tribesteemup on the autovote at 100% to help build their SP...they only post a couple times a week so it wont zap voting power.


Thanks for the info.


Done doing all of that @taskmaster4450. Am I part of the community now?


The community is closed, and people are added based on being hand-picked. There is no way to join TribeSteemUp. Taskmaster was breaking down ways to support the community; the only way to get in is to be consistently putting out quality content that is aligned with the intentions of the community, and for myself (with input from the community) to choose to add you.

Is there a discord server to join in?

Hello @tribesteemup,

I think your idea to adjust the voting behavior to one post a day is a good idea to help save the voting power.

My thinking is that it should support two post of members who are delegators to the project and one post to members who don't delegate to the project.

Whatever you decide brother Im just grateful to be included. Much love.

What are the requirements to join @tribesteemup? I want to be part of this project and I have no idea how. I'm new here and I need help.

excited about what you all are doing. Excited about life in general right now. Keep up the good work ladies and gentlemen!

Right now, I am trying to decide whether to make a final switch to the system before moving forward and adding more people to the list. Honestly, this is going to be my decision, but I am looking for input

I would really appreciate it if your decision include adding more people to the list.... It will definitely go a long way in helping those trying to get a ground on the platform....

I will follow so as to keep track of your updates because I really want to be a part of this amazing tribe..
And also I don't know if what I do can help the tribe (tailoring tutorial videos which I would kick-start this weekend), I would really appreciate you reply

So glad I have found you guys through a post by @trucklife-family. I've followed all the prompts.....EXCITING!!

I am glad for the progress you have made so far. I think one post per day at 15% will be good.

I’m son interested to learn more, in just so confused about how to get more involved..

Amazing project I must confess. Looks a win win for both ends. I support this vision and I’d follow it to the latest. Thanks for this amazing initiative.

This project is very important for anyone new to this platform willing to make effort of writing longer in-depth articles. Many of them after few unnoticed articles give up on Steemit because of it, That is real shame!

If I can recommend supporting one member of Steemit community who didn't receive much support as he/she deserve. @kida is victim of pedophile rings operating in UK. He/she was brave enough to share experiences he/she had as little child.

Sharing those experiences must be hard because you must re-live those experiences to write about it. Because of it @kida deserve our full support.

Also sharing those experiences on blockchain can help bringing down those pedophile rings.

That is why I think this project should support people like @kida.

Please check @kida posts.

Interesting blog, just started following.