12 New Steemians Added to @TribeSteemUp! Maximize Your Curation Rewards By Auto-Voting Members of the Tribe!

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Over the last few days, I've been watching @TribeSteemUp's Voting Power float between 85 & 95 percent, which seems about perfect to me. Now that some new equilibrium has been reached, I've opened the recruitment process, and we've got 12 new members of The Tribe! To see more about the process of finding balance, check out @TribeSteemUp's last 2 posts: Big Voting Changes & Finding Balance, Maximizing Effect, Moving Forward

We'll let these folks settle in for the next week and see how our VP is doing before adding another wave of creators :-) I've already got more than 20 others that have been recommended by Tribe Members! Many of the descriptions below were written by various members of the Tribe (often the person who suggested that new member). The SBD rewards from this post will be split evenly between all 12 of the new members, as well as everyone who wrote for the post.

Enhanced Votes Graph by SteemReports

Who is the Tribe?

@TribeSteemUp is a hand-picked group of content creators, assembled by @kennyskitchen over the last 10 months. Nobody can apply or sign up, new members are chosen because they are already consistently putting out content that maintains a semi-professional level of quality, as well as aligning with The 8 Pillars of TribeSteemUp, which are as follows:

FIRST, each individual is the exclusive proprietor of his or her own existence and all products thereof, holding no obligations except those created by consent;

SECOND, no individual or association of individuals, however constituted, has the right to initiate force against any other individual and each individual has the inalienable right of self-defense against the initiation of force;

THIRD, explicit voluntary association is the only means by which binding obligations may be created, and claims based on association or relationships to which any party did not consent are empty and invalid;

FOURTH, rights are neither collective nor additive in character, and no group can possess rights in excess of those belonging to its individual members;

FIFTH, the Earth is not a resource to be exploited, it is a living system, of which we are all pieces, and we must learn to live in harmony & balance with the rest of the system;

SIXTH, animals & plants do not exist to serve humans; they are living things that have their own existence, of which they are the exclusive proprietors;

SEVENTH, the purpose of all human endeavors should be the creation of a more thriving, peaceful, healthy, joyous world for ourselves and to leave for future generations;

EIGHTH, basing our interactions with each other on cooperation, co-creating the world we want to live in and pass on, is key to our success...

Image Source

So how do I join?

I feel like I've got to make this one extra clear because of the vast amount of comments & direct messages I get, there is no way to join TribeSteemUp. Becoming a consistent creator, and working to create the same world that we are, will get you noticed, and when there becomes more room (more delegations, people going dormant, STEEM increases, etc), we add in the next wave.

Without Further Ado

Please Welcome...

in alphabetical order


@ameaningfullife is one of the newest Steemians in the Tribe, having only joined the platform a few weeks ago. His content was pretty good right out of the gate, and he's quickly expanding his formatting and getting involved in various communities.

His content so far has been pretty focused on meditation and mindfulness, but he promises a variety of other topics in store

Description by @KennysKitchen


@HolisticMom is a beautifully kind soul who is super passionate about nature, healing and alternative medicines, and is really keen on the idea of community, off grid life and growing produce to support her beautiful family. She's raising 4 children with a whole lotta love, care and mindfulness. She also has a house full of musical talent, and is one of the most kind and caring people you'll meet on Steemit.

Description by @RiverFlows


@HopeHuggs' many roles include Mom, poet, entrepreneur, motivator and children story writer. She passionately advocates people living life on their own terms and not what society tries to dictate. Most importantly she believes in being yourself and not letting anyone else decide your worth. She is qualified to talk about that having recently found the courage to walk away from a long term emotionally abusive marriage. She is now living life on her own terms and learning many hard life lessons and realizations on the way.

Written by @HopeHuggs


@imp.unity is the account of Hae Joo (taking that name from Cloud Atlas), a young seeker who started on this path, like many of us, thanks to some powerful mind-altering chemicals inducing ego death. I stumbled across his work some time ago, and have been pleasantly surprised with the mix of energetics, economics, esoteric, theological research, society, and the paradigm shift as a whole.

One place where @imp.unity really shines is in his formatting and overall article style & flow. The integration of images, .GIFs, and videos, along with varied text, great paragraph & section break... It all works very well to keep his (often massive) posts flowing and easy to read.

Description by @kennyskitchen


@indigoocean is a compassionate explorer of consciousness, personal growth, love and life. since we started connecting on Steemit, she has been one of my favorite people. beauty emanates from her! She writes about life from such a fantastic perspective, I truly believe many of us have a lot to learn from her.

Her writings include spirituality, cryptocurrencies, updates of her travels as she is moving from California to New Mexico and more. In the past she created a land trust project of 26 homes for many families who could not afford housing and has dreams to create a permaculture training/learning farm that supports smaller such farms on the workers' homesteads. Definitely check her out; she's a fantastic new addition to @TribeSteemUP!

Description by @MountainJewel


@Krishool, who also goes by the name Esoteric Noetic, is a true renaissance man of the 21st century. A singer, dancer, reality TV show star (The Voice Australia), philosopher, voluntaryist, writer, crypto-enthusiast, podcast host and vegan, Krishool is a jack of all trades and a master of many. He can sing, he can dance, and he can provide some of the deepest reflections on consciousness and the nature of reality, weaving his spiritual philosophy of compassion and Ahimsa into his many original songs and artistic performances.

Description by @McKeever


@OmDemian haye.

Born in France, 42 years ago, I spent the last 16 years in India, and currently resides in Atitlan Lake, Guatemala . I studied ayurveda and herbalism with the European Institute of Vedic Studies of Atreya. I became then mostly autodidact and kept on learning from all the teachers, healers and masters I met in my travelings. Discovering and practicing new holistic ways of healing to bring well being, harmony and health in the world,my path crossed many different fields : massage therapy, accupressure, ayurveda, alchemical medicine preparations, alchemy, orgonite maker, Theta Healing, radionics, dowsing, shamanic healing, Matrix Energetics, meditation, yoga, vedic knowledge, herbalism, gem elixirs, incense and perfume blending, and different energetic healing modalities, the most recent being Light Language from the Mayan School of light. I took initiation with my spiritual master Sri Tathata in 2010.

I built my own understanding of how all these aspects interact in a higher holistic perspective. This is what I like to share in workshops and retreats, and in my creations.

Description by @Eco-Alex


@ParadigmProspect is one of the Steemians I've found whose journey most closely resonates with my own. His work embodies the idea of anarchy from the heart meeting anarchy from the mind, he's a long time supporter of the Zeitgeist Movement, and his posts are not only quite in-depth, but easy to read and full of imagery.

Somehow, I only found his page in the last month or so, and I really wish someone would build a new Steemian locator plug-in that can sort by the tags you like, the people you follow, the people they follow, etc, crossed with a @cheetah -like checker for plagiarism, optional word-count and even potentially running something like wordcounttools.com... anyway, I'm on a tangent :-) Seriously tough, someone build that!

He's a regular guest curator on @thedailysneak, and his content covers everything from magic to Zeitgeist, life-hacks to truth-seeking, his own music, and much much more!

Description by @kennyskitchen


From ancient mysteries, esoteric wisdom, psychedelic drugs and the transhuman future - with @PerceptualFlaws you will not just find some of the most profound topics on the Steem blockchain. You will find these thoroughly researched and articulated for the interested student of the hidden. Here you have the alchemist among the writers. It is highly suggested to follow his work but be aware: it might change your reality.

Description by @Flauwy


@startreat is here to post about creativity and living life to the full with her family in a beautiful community in Southern Spain. She is truly passionate about conscious birth and parenting and wants to share what she has learned and experienced during and after two homebirths, which were both very different stories! By posting about the trials and triumphs of motherhood, she hopes to inspire mums to realise that they are not alone and that they always have a choice in what they do.

Star is also an outstanding massage therapist, trained in many modalities and having created her own unique style and she is sharing some simple techniques that can be used by anyone to relieve stress and feel good.

Expect this, plus creative ideas to do with your children, nature, life in rural Spain and much more from her.

Description by @eftnow


@vegan.niinja is an amazing creator of raw & vegan foods. The food she creates along with being super healthy and wholesome, are like works of art; she certainly has a gift when it comes to creating really good food. She is also a promoter of attachment parenting, she writes very inspiring posts about this most natural way of raising children. She is a great advocate for breastfeeding and child lead weaning.

If we are to empower ourselves then we need to start by paying attention to what we are putting into our bodies, @vegan.niinja is someone who will inspire you to nourish your body from the inside out.

Description by @trucklife-family


@wwf (White Walking Feather) has been walking his talk for over 10 years, living off grid in
Tawatinaw Valley, Turtle Island. Working to become completely self sustainable. He is an author, and has been in instrumental in the "UNGRIP" movement and video.

@wwf is an activist for peace, freedom, prosperity and healthy relationships! He has been successful in working towards sovereignty, and shares all these things openly for everyone to read. His encouragement and story have been aired on many radio shows and articles. Please drop by and say hello, and see what he is all about.

Description by @earthmother

New Tribe Member To-Dos

  1. Keep up the great work! You've been chosen because we see the value in what you are creating on STEEM!
  2. Read the 8 Pillars of TribeSteemUp and verify that you align with them
  3. Come join us on Discord (it's the only way to keep up with contests & collaborative projects within the Tribe, and we have a channel just for link-dropping posts that get missed by the auto-voter)
  4. Ride the beautiful waves of the paradigm shift here on Spaceship Steemit!

So what was that thing about curation rewards?

Right, I did mention something about how everyone can increase their STEEM income didn't I? Well, as many of you know, there are a variety of factors that are taken into account when calculating curation rewards (how much you get paid for voting). One of the big factors is how many (and what value) votes arrive after yours. Since @TribeSteemUp hits everyone on this list 1x/day, at the 30 minute mark, by putting those you want to support on your autovoter at the 29 minute mark, you will see a big increase on your curation rewards. For more on this tactic, check out these two posts from Tribe member @flauwy. (above image from @flauwy as well)

The Current Tribe Members

I'm actually going to break this into 3 groups: Those who are active & on our autovoter, those who are active but are not being auto-voted at the moment (because they earn $75+ on every post without us), and those who are dormant for the moment.

Active, Auto-Voted Tribe

| @alchemage | @alexaventuria | @alexstacy | @amvanaken |
| @an0nkn0wledge | @andrewmarkmusic | @annasuvorova | @annemariemay |
| @artemislives | @ashe-oro | @ausbitbank | @be-empowered |
| @benswann | @borrowedearth | @brightstar | @bryandivisions |
| @bryanj4 | @burntmd | @canadianrenegade | @careywedler |
| @catherinebleish | @celestialcow | @clivedecarle | @colinhoward |
| @consciousangel7 | @corbettreport | @cryptodrumcircle | @csmedia |
| @dannyshine | @dbroze | @diabolika | @doitvoluntarily |
| @earthmother | @eco-alex | @edgecanopy | @eftnow |
| @elamental | @elissahawke | @emancipatedhuman | @encryptdcouple |
| @enjoyinglife | @erikaharris | @evolutionnow | @flauwy |
| @freebornangel | @freemanreporter | @futurefarmers | @geliquasjourney |
| @ginacarr | @goldendawne | @heart-to-heart | @hempress |
| @holarchy | @hopehuggs | @iamjamie | @innerverse |
| @inspirewithwords | @johnvibes | @jolly-homestead | @joshsigurdson |
| @joycamp-benny | @juansgalt | @kennyskitchen | @krishool |
| @krisstofer | @krnel | @ladyofliberty | @larkenrose |
| @lesliestarrohara | @libertyepodcast | @libertyranger | @lifegoalmentor |
| @lily-da-vine | @lishu | @livesustainably | @lovenfreedom |
| @lukestokes | @lukewearechange | @maceytomlin | @makinstuff |
| @mandyfroelich | @maxigan | @mckeever | @mearone |
| @melinamarie | @mistermercury | @mountainjewel | @mountainwashere |
| @moxieme | @nickhans | @nomad-magus | @omdemian |
| @paradigmprospect | @phillyc | @pomperipossa | @rainbowrachel |
| @riceowladam | @riverflows | @sashadaygame | @sbedwards |
| @scottermonkey | @scottsantens | @seededvision | @silverspade |
| @solarsupermama | @sovereignbtc | @startreat | @steemer-x |
| @steeminganarchy | @sterlinluxan | @tamaralee | @taskmaster4450 |
| @tatianamoroz | @terrybrock | @tibra | @tonysayers33 |
| @treaphort | @trucklife-family | @truthabides | @truthinmedia |
| @uoslavery | @ura-soul | @valorforfreedom | @vincentnijman |
| @whatamidoing | @wombloom | @wwf | @yinyangmichael |

Big $$ Tribe

| @adamkokesh | @canadian-coconut | @dollarvigilante |
| @haileyscomet | @jeffberwick | @mickeybeaves |
| @pressfortruth | @teamsteem | @v4vapid |

Dormant Tribe

| @adventurehealing | @akaskew | @andybabbmusic | @artoftheanimal |
| @audioalchemy | @battleayzee | @berenguel | @brooklynwildfire |
| @bruceb | @brutledge | @cantohondo | @chireya | @chuckwilliams37 |
| @churdtzu | @claireremz | @copperchildren | @dannyquest |
| @dragonanarchist | @firstwords | @flynnjohnson | @gentlesouljah |
| @johnnyhurley | @juxley | @kerrismiles | @kieranpearson |
| @lallyiam | @layl | @mikeonfire | @miningio | @mscleverclocks |
| @mwolfe13 | @paradise-paradox | @phoenyx | @rainbowlightning |
| @rossulbricht | @sacredheretic | @scottiemac | @starwatermagick |
| @teryani | @thepatrick | @truniversal | @wearechange-co | @xerephine |

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Wow... I just finally stumbled on this post as I've been trying to find out more about this tribe. And reading @kennyskitchen's description of my account was just like "Wow".
I'm so honored and so humbled by this initiative, and being a part of it. I don't know yet how to express my gratitude, but one thing is for sure is I really must get to know everybody in this tribe much, much better

To have been added in the same wave as @PerceptualFlaws to me is just the cherry on the cake because he's one of the Steemians whom I've most looked up to, and who has also shown me the most heartfelt love and support when I was just getting started on here...

I feel a renewed passion, determination and commitment to give this community (the Steem ecoverse) everything I've got because I never imagined it was ever resonating...

But to be suddenly selected by a group I'd never even heard of, with the same values and very co-resonant beliefs with my own is the ultimate signs of the universe that everything is falling into place and true alignment is indeed taking place...

It couldn't have happened in a more synchronous time in my life.

I'm so grateful to @kennyskitchen and everybody else in this group whom I've either never met or only seen around the block. I just can't wait to really join the family. Shout out in my next post.

Much, much love! Thank you @tribesteemup ! x

You guys are really compiling an awesome list of creators and members a few of my favorite steemians here for sure. In fact, I even noticed myself sending some arrows around in the graphic! So cool to almost be a part of this great thing your growing.


but of course you are! :)
SSG forevahh, this does seem like a cool group and almost overlaps in some categories with prepping, self sustaining life as we live.
i particularly liked the Anarchy question!
maybe we will be invited to join someday ... @phelimint 😛💚


Maybe one day! I do find myself also quite aligned with their core believes and values.


@phelimint i agree Phillie! maybe we should just start our own? there are some writings in there that are not altogether 100 accurate. hehe

since i'm from a tribe ... Apache Tribe we can call it Tribe Apache ... are you from a tribe by chance? :)


I have enough going on here on steemit to start anything else unfortunately, but I love the idea.
I'm not from a tribe, but grew up next to an Ojibwa reserve and most of my friends growing up where from there, then I spent 2 years working on remote reserves in Northern Canada, and I am really an appreciator of First Nations culture.


@phelimint no worries, you def do and i'm caught up in 3 heavy hitting contest right now too. I LOVE Ojibwe and i have been there a few times in the toronto area. awesome that you worked there, i am on my way to work on one started next wednesday. im hoping for a pleasant experience, i guess i am needed. blessings, eagle

Really nice initiative, it is great to see more concious creators here on steemit and will be having a look a many of the existing @tribesteemup members and add them to my follow list.

(I got here thanks to a resteem from @lenasveganliving)

Thank you so much .. I'm truly humbled to have my name included with such amazing writers! My predominant focus for the second part of this year was always going to be spirituality and the nature of reality (fusing ancient wisdoms with new some new ideas and philosophies that I'm working on) so the timing couldn't really be better! I'm also really looking forward to reading all your brilliant work. Thank you @flauwy @tribesteemup and a huge respect to all writers, curators and readers.

Thank you @kennyskitchen for creating such a beautiful and empowering community of Steemians, one that I'm really honored to be included in! Thank you @riverflows for the gorgeous write up. 😘❤


You are very welcome 💚💚💚

really happy to see some incredible people added to the tribe! I look forward to seeing their posts shine! <3

Great picks and especially @perceptualflaws!

I love this tribe. Whan an honour.
Peace, Love and Freedom.

Wow this is amazing. @tribesteemup
There are thousands of people with quality contents here and you too time to figure some out gradually, thats huge. I say more grease to your elbow. Weldone.

Lucky to those new chosen tribes, you deserve it. Hoping to join you someday!

Thank you so much! Wow, you really brought a smile to my face. I'm happy to see some of my favorite writers also included. Great company to be in and I'm truly honored.


You belong on the list...it was a bit bare without you in there.


Cant a gamer be added?

Welcome newbies, lets go from a tribe to an army! (peaceful of course)

Congratulations to my buddy @perceptualfalws, now you really will have to get writing more, great work good people, you chose a class act right there.

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Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

One thing I would like to add.

Everyone reading this needs to go fanbase on Steemauto and add @tribesteemup at 100% upvote. There is no reason to not give back to the trail giving curation and upvotes.

Expanding this project will only allow more people to be added to the mix. Upvoting the posts at 100% will give @tribesteemup more SP to work with.

The posting is infrequent enough that it does not zap anyone's voting power.

One of the links to @vegan.niinja is not correct.

Wow! This is fantastic! I never imagined so many writers who've already done so much for Humanity, Earth, truth, love, you name it! I can't measure up to most of these wonderful contributors, but that will in no way dissuade me from pressing on with my own efforts, in hopes of getting whatever I can contribute to those who may benefit. It's about ALL of us expanding as we (in turn) shine a collective light onto those in the shadows.
And then watch as the smiles begin to form. :)
Much love to all, from my heart,

This is really amazing...................CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL TRIBE MEMBERS :)

Projects that have a very large family. Congratulations to the best curator recipients of the project. I am sure the strength of this project will be enormous.

WELCOME to all the new tribe members! I see SO many familiar names!!

New in Steemit and I was just wondering how will I be able to find quality content as well as how to connect with people who will post content that resonates with me. Guess it is a job very well done on this post! Thank you!

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Regards @tribesteemup

Happy to find another tribe here on steemit :-)

Will @tribesteemup curate as well art/music in the Future?

Hope you'll enjoy my content from my blog-channel and expecially the music/art presented there


Very cool what you're doing here. Would love to be a part of something like this one day and think these type groups/communities and curation groups such as OCD is what's going to help Steemit with meaningful growth and to thrive far into the future.

Congratulations to the chosen ones, I feel sad of not even my name in the list @tribesteemup, but I keep working hard to create a better world with my work. God bless you all ...

Seems my profile has been struggling to get the auto-vote at times 😕 Even my 1 year Steemit anniversary post from the other day... I’m wondering if anybody else has been having this issue or just me? I try to make a second post if the first one doesn’t get the upvote but now it seems like not even my second post trick is working 😕


I see it hitting one post per day the last 10+ days, except for today.


Ok thanks, Flauwy explained to us that it is based on midnight UTC time which is 8PM Colorado time so we got it figured out (: thanks TSU!


am a gamer, how do i join this great community?. I have followed your curation trial and i tried entering the group but cant


The group is invitation only, and we add new members who create high quality content aligned with & promoting our 8 pillars when we can.


Oh i see. I really love the great work you guys are putting up. I hope am lucky to get picked someday

All the well deserving chaps. I have given many people a huge follow! Hopefully I get to learn and interact with a lot of members. :) Great to see the tribe growing.

Wow! Another great initiative on steemit that i didn't know before

Although it is "older" by Steemit standards, I'm glad I came across this post!

You do a great service to the community (and to your members!) by listing everyone like this — not only because they get more exposure, but also because it helps those of us looking for quality "meaningful" content find a good reading list, and new people worth following.

This is an excellent (and sadly rare...) example of how well-executed manual curation becomes a win-win for many.

Bright Blessings!