Implement Utopia - What Would I Do for Society If I had All the Resources I Needed?

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What would I do for Society if I have all the resources I needed? Tribe Steem Up Bi - Weekly Question

Thank you @whatamidoing for this powerful question. To be sure there is a lot to be done. It does seem to be a matter of resources for this world, we seem to be working more for resources than resources are working for us. Private wealth has a tendency to simply be concentrated and consolidated, without impacting the well being of more than a select few. Private wealth has a tendency to keep to its self, impacting the flow of resources.

How do we open up these resources for use in responsible and sustainable ways?

How do we free all of these humans to not work for the resources?

Human resources are the main resource I feel. Dedicated and passionate people are the ultimate resource. It's about activating our intelligence and genius to meet the needs of a task or a project. Letting inspiration be manifested into the world. This is a major resource that will be necessary to fulfill this gift to society. It is a gift to the people of planet earth. I see a lot of my work is in helping to generate people who will grow into this precious resource of inspired alive human beings.

This question is an opportunity to look beyond current limitations - it's an opportunity to feel into the potential of what might be when the limits are released, and the conduits of exchange and resource are opened up. This is my vision and gift for society, in as wide a sense as it can be applied - and also in however you individually imagine it.


Resonance Hubs, The Essence of My Vision

The essence of my vision is to establish adequate facilities for well being, and to give space and resources toward exploring our inner nature. These will be implemented anywhere and everywhere they are meant to be, and where they naturally emerge. They will be placed wherever they can continue sustain-ably.

Let me be more specific, we will establish large communal hubs which are created with the sole purpose of feeding, healing, strengthening, and awakening all humans who come into those spaces. It is a unity tribe kind of vibe.

I see huge domes filled with nourishing foods, along with people practicing yoga and martial arts. We are devoting our lives to understanding what the human body really is, and to refining the body to the perfect vehicle it was designed to be. We have accurate information based on experience, and many wise and experienced teachers entirely devoted to sharing their knowledge with people who sincerely want to know it.

Some domes are huge libraries and display spaces for art, others still are grand workshops and making spaces. Aside from making sure everyone is looked after - what people are inspired to do, they do. Part by design, and part spontaneous - it's a space for us to live as we truly wish to live. The result of each persons efforts is gifted to the community and whoever resonates with it, whoever has a need for it. The community then gifts to the individual the things they need to be satisfied and at peace.


Ancient Futures

It is a new phase of tribalism, deeply connected to the inner being and masterfully organised. It is a blend of the past and the future, and also of things never seen before. All of the essential things that turn a human on to their own divinity and aliveness are fostered and grown here. The shape of the buildings and the care put into each small act - it all embodies the vision. This is switched-on-ville. Everyone involved shares that same goal of expanding on what it means to be human, and helping everyone to be involved in our evolution. The individual evolves through the collective, and the collective evolves through the individual.

There is a quiet busyness to everything which is done here - the same incredible quiet aliveness which naturally occurs in nature. The same vibration which we are using to transition ourselves back to our natural state of being - effortless, transcendental, and boundlessly connected.

Some spaces are dedicated purely to individuals seeking to expand into their own inner dimensions. A profound sanctity is maintained, as the central structure in a small cluster there is an influence to the surrounding buildings which are used for more practical purposes. Everything has its right place, and everything flows in harmony. Trees and nature are woven into the well being clusters, things are orderly like a zen garden, with patches of wildness. Each cluster finds it's own way to express their uniqueness and spontaneity.


On The Subtle Level

As well as seeing to the practical needs of many humans, these well being hubs emanate a chi or Qi field which balances and stabilizes everyone and everything in the vicinity. For example having established a 'chi center' in the countryside, nearby farms and homes become a part of that unity energy which subtly sends the universal healing Qi. The Qi is generated from the humans, meaning that the core team members reach a certain stability within their own consciousness to maintain that at all times. It becomes an established groove and the localized grid is altered and healed. That becomes their ultimate Sadhana, living their power and divinity in the world. Living a life of purpose. Embodying their truth.

This is 'holding it down' so to speak. Which is the training of the human being right now, to be able to maintain a high vibration. What some people call higher consciousness, high vibration, Christ consciousness, or 5th dimensional awareness. Whatever you call it, it certainly makes everything function more effortlessly, spontaneously, naturally.

Think of the different cultural trends and subcultures that exist in society. Each of these cultures are a cluster of people who vibrate similarly. These people naturally work well together, in my vision they pursue living together in a space that balances and harmonizes everyone. By staying aligned to the resonant frequency of nature, the people grow into deep connection. It's a human ecosystem which gradually grows and intermingles with other ecosystems. We become fully expressant of our natural abundance.


A Healing Mission

What this means in application is a lot of healing work on ourselves, on our systems, and in our world. It is about pursuing wholeness and balance in all aspects of life. We know it will involve a lot of healing because we have witnessed first hand that people have been hurting. We have all been hurting ourselves. The synthetic matrix we have been born into has not been kind, and not everyone has had access to the tools that will give them the right adjustments and perspectives to survive and transcend it. These wellness hubs make this information and these experiences a priority.

Healing modalities of all kinds, psychological and emotional resolution. Energetic work, meditation, qi gong, and physical therapies. With our time liberated from the endless pursual of resource tokens, we now shift our focus to true well being. Looking to our minds, bodies, and souls, and the imbalances we have never had time to work with before.

Establishing these centres means an inconveivable task of healing. It will require healing grandmasters of all kinds, specialists. It will require huge energy fields for the work to be carried out in, the resonant field. Teachers and healers of all kinds are involved to inspire and work with so many humans with so many varied needs. Everything is permitted and encouraged if it resonates and works towards wholeness and balance.


Human Resources as a Trans-formative Tool

We are looking to find an answer to the question of, what do we do with people dispossessed and dissatisfied with society? We will take these people in and heal them, in exchange for their willing service and willingness to become a part of a vision. To contribute in a way that they can. It has to be integrative, willing, and honorable. It's an attractive option because it means detaching from a broken economic system, to do work that has meaning.

It does sound a little culty, so I really emphasize the importance of how high vibrational this has to be - to mitigate any of the natural human tendencies to corrupt or exploit those who are ready to give. It simply won't be possible, it will feel exposed and wrong to corrupt these hubs because they are in resonance. The established leaders will be fully connected and committed, and integrated in themselves to not let things become out of balance. That imbalance is the lesson we have learned in recent history.

Still, incredible discernment and organization will be required in integrating people into working within the vibration of the healing hub. Wounded people, who have a lot of releasing to do. People who have been embedded into a synthetic society, and are being ejected from the matrix like Neo - naked and atrophied like a helpless child. Perhaps there will be a mandatory process of integration involving some cathartic release, space and time is given. Then eventually ceremonially joining into the tribe, and rededicating our lives to uplifting our brothers and sisters.

This level of healing will require true selflessness and dedication on the part of the volunteers involved. But I do feel that humans will rise to the task of helping themselves out.


Aligning With Current Realities

The reason that I am so excited about this prospect is because in a sense it already is a real happening on planet earth right now. TSU and Natural medicine are two such examples based in the digital realm. In my own country of New Zealand there are many growing conscious communities and they are continuing to spontaneously arise. The small pockets and bubbles gradually connect and unify. The unity field is strengthened, it helps to heal the systemic fear and paranoia we are afflicted with.

We are still largely bound by resources, but mentally and energetically we are joining already.

This process will start with the eco villages and communities that arise 'outside the city walls' to use a metaphor. This is how people have begun, with small organic farming villages popping up wherever land is cheap and weather is good. This is the first phase of our return to sovereignty. As the global energy raises, and more resources and liberated (we re-learn how to share) we will find more of an opening in the denser areas (cities). Gradually urban well being centers also open.

I have a beautiful vision for an urban monastery, quietude and simplicity amidst so much suppression and over stimulation. Sneakily tucked away between other buildings, with just enough space to allow for courtyards and gardens. It's almost like going through a secret door into another world that one would never expect to be there. The inhabitants are guided through practices & chores each day, then have the rest of their time for contemplation, creativity, or whatever else resonates. The well being hubs take many forms, I think the one that I will run will be this urban monastery. I will do a kung fu or tai chi class every day, and a meditation every morning. The evenings will have shared meals, celebrations and performances. There won't be a huge amount of talking, yet silent exchanges of awareness embodied in all the things we do.


This Is My Vision

It's an example of us living our future today, embodying our real values and living our deepest desires. If I had all the resources I needed I would try to implement a mechanism to heal and liberate the world that once set in motion would spread like a benevolent anti virus. It's a little bit like a secret society, except it aims to be inclusive and to integrate everyone who is willing to be a part.

If I had the necessary resources, I would make well being cool. Slowly undermining the hollow consumerist way of life. Marketing would be my tool to draw in investment and interest. Our charismatic humans would shine forth and naturally attract interest. "Why is she/he so simple and happy?". Working on multiple levels, we can bring people in with what entices their current modes, and then they stay for the deep aspects of well being. People would become deeply intrigued through use of informative marketing and also a mysterious secrecy.

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It's really exciting to see this thing being made, I've had a chance to see it in a few different unlikely settings and introduce it to others who have seen other hubs in other places.

I think the danger of becoming a cult comes with the herd mentality, which does not go away once we break away from the main herd. In a sense we need to become accustomed to constantly question and constantly burning away what doesn't serve us. There are some people who will be experts in this, and others who will be experts in diplomacy and others who are experts in certain skills that are essential to life or that add to our well-being. It'll be like a bizarro version of the society we already where we actually aren't hurting each other and ourselves and nature and where energy flows more easily because we are all seeking harmony with each other and helping others along the way.

It's always great talking to you, I will shoot you a message soon.


Awesome response @whatamidoing 😜

You make a really good point - the danger of becoming mindless never ceases unless we become continually mindful, and continually willing to take the 'bath of fire'.

I guess I had taken it for granted cultivating this kind of attitude, for sure community leaders always need to be willing to rebirth and rework their current solutions (and themselves). But yes, like you say - this isn't everyone's cup of tea. There can be incredibly valuable community members who don't like to constantly question everything - it's actually out of harmony for them. I have friends like this, internal change might be slow and painful for them - yet they are masters of working with established systems.

My friend 'Jeff' is distrustful of most new things, he certainly doesn't buy into my 'hippy bullshit'. Jeff is not going to rebirth his personality any time soon, but working on technical and practical problems he has an enduring patience and comprehensiveness which is somehow just as profound.

Yeah man, it really is just like you say. We just have to honor everybody and try to build communities which can use everyone's different abilities and perspectives. It takes a lot of open-ness and acceptance. I am working on being more accepting.

Would love to chat soon 😎

OMG. I went to Netflix to put Wild Wild Country on my viewing list. And it's already there. I do not remember doing this. This is starting to feel honestly spooky. Like one of those "meant to happen" things. Thank you for the ... experience. I think.

So ... when I get all my other stuff done ... like dinner and dogs and Steemit and Steemit and Steemit, etc. That's on my To-Do list for tonight.

I love the way you say 'it does sound a little culty' which made me giggle. But what a vision! It's true though.. the world can only start improving if we devote time to healing. I also love your vision of a monastery in plain sight but hidden. I would fly to New Zealand to hang out there I reckon. Your utopia sounds pretty amazing.. the sky is the limit.. or perhaps the inner sky. Great response @phillyc x

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Well there's something to be said for cults ;) you just need a charismatic and spiritually inclined leader :P I recently watched Wild Wild Country about Osho's commune in America - fascinating stuff. Great examples of what does work and what doesn't work. For the most part whatever we do is a mixture of both, with constant adjustments I guess


Oh man.. that doco!!! Because it started.with an awesome idea didn't it?? And then... such a riveting series to binge watch!!!

Hmm. Let's just call you Phosho 😋

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Phosho. That is actually a sick rapper/MC name, you're full of gold my dear ❤

Yes in essence they had an enlightened master who was keen to try and revolutionize the way we live. He was reasonably reclusive, and perhaps had a hint of the dark magician to him - mostly love though. Perhaps to the enlightened being, morality is a bit MORE subjective. His top people did some crazy shit in his name. The whole thing was unable to sustain in that time period and energy. The conservative american culture had a violent backlash against it, which was also met defensively and agressively. It's a truly unbelievable tale, highly recommended - definitely not light watching.


Ha. It's now my pet name for you.

I don't think there were good moves made by either party! And I'm not sure Osho was enlightened ENOUGH to truly lead people to such a utopia. I had a good mate that used to disappear to India for the whole Osho thing. I remember it being on the telly as a kid and my folks watching the whole thing unfold on telly. It certainly confronted a lot of people. What they did with the homeless was awful.. although the intention was awesome to start with. Such a riveting doco.. we binge watched it. I have two mates who are senior vippassana teachers (He's a kiwi too and they are both at north island centre at mo) and they started watching it one arvo at my place whilst we were away and literally didn't stop until they'd finished that night lol. Talk about making up for not watching telly whilst meditating. Samadhi on hold lol.

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