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I'm a little late to the party here, but I'd like to add my two cents to this question."Can I unite the whole world?" In a short response.....No.

Why do I believe this?

We are individuals with different expressions of our personalities, needs, wants, desires, and change at different points in time. How can you fully unite individuals? I don't believe it is entirely possible as beings in this current form. I believe we can become closer to harmony with each other through self healing, and leaving behind the programing that we have been raised to believe should be reality. Go to skool, get a job you hate, work for 30yrs, pay your taxes, retire to finally live the life you wished to lead when you had the energy, creativity, and vitality when you where younger.

That's all a Lie!

So many things exist now to steal your time, energy, and creativity away from you to keep you locked in a prison of the mind. This mental prison can constantly flood your system with the stress hormone cortisol bringing you even closer to your death and an unhealthy life.

I know there is more for humanity and we are greater than just our physical being.

We are travelers of time and space temporarily occupying these physical forms. We are here to bring our light to the universe and help support the development of life and all of its complexity. We are much more powerful than we know with capabilities not yet tapped because of our programming.

We are co-creators and programmable lifeforms.

Since we are social creatures we pick up on cues from others in order to belong to the group. Back in the day if you were ostracized from the group it spelled doom. We all relied on each other to meet our needs in reality. The coming of the industrial age allowed us to live in an age of excess where we did not need to depend on each other as much. However.....I believe this has led us down the path of separation from each other instead of the root of our being which is to rely on each other or "connectedness".

In conclusion, unitedness cannot exist in this reality, but individual pursuit of peace within will inspire others to go on a journey to live a more harmonious existence.

I believe we are all on a journey here to find our higher self, and support each other on a path to live our greatest potential.

cropped-LogoV1-2.png Peace and Joy @makinstuff

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That is an amazing drawing of the tree in hand. WOW.
I'm not (yet) involved in the greater question "Can I unite the whole world?" but here is my response to your answer.

I think you're right on with

Go to skool, get a job you hate, work for 30yrs, pay your taxes, retire to finally live the life you wished to lead when you had the energy, creativity, and vitality when you where younger.

I also believe we are star children and our energy is temporarily in human form, but by some miracle our brain synapse travels at the speed of light and we have the ability of critical thinking, but also to dream.

So, how does that connect us?
I actually believe that the separation has helped me become more connected. This might not make any sense, but as an Aspie, I was always on the outskirts of societal norms. I can count how many IRL true friends I have on one hand. In my youth, that was pretty devastating but I always stayed true to myself. Instead of falling into despair I gained strength of will and character. I became a quiet observer of people and in doing so, stopped listening to the chatter and really started paying attention to physical cues.

How does that help in an environment like blog post comments and chatrooms?
For one thing, people tend to find freedom in the anonymity of their internet personas and they act accordingly. Maybe if people took a moment to try and see things from a rogue perspective, breaking out of the programming as often as possible, or even empathize the walk in someone else's shoes, maybe we could be kinder to one another and actually find enough similarities and connection points to unite the world.


Great response @merej99, I am a huge proponent of being objective. I do think we have to connect our heads to our hearts and seek to understand not to be understood. We are all beautiful and powerful creators.