Can You Unite The Whole World? (@TribeSteemUp Bi-Weekly Question)

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Another @TribeSteemUp question from @trucklife-family here... "Can You Unite the Whole World?"

Basically, I would say the answer is no, by most definitions of unite.

However, I don't think that we have to unite on more than a couple simple things (respect for sovereignty & the non-initiation of force), and everywhere else we want as much diversity as possible.

Maximum creativity, problem-solving, and general advancement for humanity involves having a lot of different mindsets, a lot of different approaches, a lot of different points of view.

I'll most likely add more text to this later, but I've got to post it before shutting down, or I lose the Dtube upload.


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All faiths (and non-faiths) I've ever bumped into have expressed love and respect, along with non-aggression, as basic tenets. In 'The World According to Logan' (non-existent tome of my understandings of everything) it states that when we get to the point where the vast majority of the planet understands that we've all been duped into aggressive behaviors all along, that we're all ONE and couldn't imagine carrying out any form of coercion (let alone aggression) against any creature, we will have in fact united the whole world. When the Golden Rule reigns, we can't lose. At that point, religious fundamentalist arguments are moot because we've already ONE.

So The World According to Logan agrees with you!

Much love,

And/or perhaps "Can the Whole World Realize It Is United?"
Good power and energy to you.

Looking forward to part 2 - I'm more optimistic, but the realist in me kinda knows we're fucked. I agree that it needs to start in small communities though. i think we were probably aiming too high when we imagined we'd unite the ENTIRE world.

nice and to the point! so much of this depends on how you define unite.. i notice a lot of people think it implies us all being similar .. which is one way to look at it..

hope you're well! <3

I like your views here and completely agree with @riverflows about unity within small community.. Would be looking forward for the next post.
P. S you just gave me a subject to draw..

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This is a super question and I've already left a pretty lengthy response on @makinstuff's post

You are going to Beloved!? You lucky lucky man, I will be there next year.

I think the very issue with this mindset is the essence of the problem.
Do not unite anyone. Do not fix anyone. Just respect every individual.
Every change starts from within. Each individual's universe is unique. Focus on raising your awareness of it. Cut the line of truth with ever higher frequency until you become the evolutionary impulse yourself. Become the source.
NAP, the Golden Rule will unite everyone who follows it on human level, but our consciousness is much more than mere human. In the human understanding on current level of evolution of our awareness, full unison is not possible. Our 3D brain works on opposites, dualism, yin-yang. You cannot have something united without something not united just as you cannot have up without down, nor left without right. If something is on, something must be off. There would be no reference point otherwise. There would not be any thought if there was no absence of it for the contrast. There would not be biological life without biological death, but life itself is much more than biology. Meaning of life as perceived by thoughts, would loose its purpose. We would not be human anymore, but the source, the unity. Uniting everything would mean being before biological birth or after death. The united world is unspeakable or unthinkable. Unison is the state achieved in deep meditation or psychedelic experience.
I hope this makes sense. Hard to think of the unthinkable, especially on a hangover ;)

( We have revealed to you ˹O Prophet˺ this Book with the truth, as a confirmation of previous Scriptures and a supreme authority on them. So judge between them by what Allah has revealed, and do not follow their desires over the truth that has come to you. To each of you We have ordained a code of law and a way of life. If Allah had willed, He would have made you one community, but His Will is to test you with what He has given ˹each of˺ you. So compete with one another in doing good. To Allah you will all return, then He will inform you ˹of the truth˺ regarding your differences )

The Quran 5:48