How do you handle dissent in a group?

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A Tribe Steem up bi-weekly question.

While maintaining my own groups I've always considered it best to designate a conflict free zone where anything can be discussed without fear of violence.
Open discussion, by those involved, is the direct route to resolving the issue, if it can be resolved.
If members of the group wish to disengage that is their perogative.
If they wish to politic others out, that is also their perogative.
I've seen the backlash against the catty get pretty toxic in it's own right.
We separated the combatants and they agreed to a detente, but it wasn't long before the catty one was frozen out due to her continuous push on the group against the other.

The question becomes, who is more valuable to the group?
The person who becomes toxic when confronted with dissent, or someone that agrees to avoid conflict with the aggressors?

I don't typically hang out with large groups because there is always somebody there trying to sacrifice my well being on the alter of their own.
It is much simpler to be a hermit.

So, I was somewhat surprised to be picked up by tsu, and fully expect my membership to be sacrificed at some point.
Those trying to get ahead under the old rules will see to it.
Hopefully, it doesn't come to that any time soon.

Is tsu ready to leave behind hierarchy, rule by force, and the rules of those who have imposed on us for millenia?
If not, it's just more of the same.

I can see Kenny is certainly set on finding new ways.
Time will tell us about how well he does managing the tribe making his own rules as he goes.
We can all learn a lesson, or two.

The reason I was so surprised by the group's invitation is that I am insurrectionary.
I think in the proper circumstances violence is a required duty.
We get exactly as much tyranny as we tolerate.
Until the bullies get punched in the nose, why would they let up? They are winning.

Chanting children, the elderly, and the orderly walking on the sidewalk to their free speech cage will simply continue being managed as a cost of being in business.
Its the Bhagat Singhs, the Alex Berkmans, the Leon Czolgoszs, and the Errico Malatestas that make the changes happen.

Some of us come to points in our lives that it becomes better spent in ways others have reason to only contemplate.
Most of us would never think of robbing a bank, but for some of us it is second nature.
It's called diversity of tactics because nobody wants violence, however, some of us are very interested in not being ignored anymore.

We want our vote to count, too!
Freedom doesn't come from the ballot, it comes from folks taking their freedom where they can.

If you aren't one of us, if you are not called to a higher power, then kindly look away, and don't see anything, it is very important that no beings become harmed in our theatre of the spectacle.

But, I don't expect you were exposed to those concepts in grad/e skool.
Those that controlled your 'education', your 'fakeducation', if you will, had no interests in letting you become aware.
They are better served by a population that isn't so bright.
One that doesn't question 'authority'.

I spent my time in the crapitalust's machine, I've greased a few cogs.
I've been to work very early, I've worked seven days a week.
I've worked for every level of govt, and a few private businesses.
If that is what it takes to succeed, then mark me down as born to lose.

Instead of denigrating myself for it, I'll celebrate it.
I revel in the rejection.
For it is from among those born to lose that we are most likely to find our next great agent of change.
Who will be the postmodern Budha?

Those for whom the current system is working just fine are unlikely to seek change.
Comfortable slaves don't rise up, they become crackers.
They should be given donuts for being honorary cop of the year.

Who will be the household names of the information age?
Who will reign as the King of the Age of Aquarius?
We should be looking forward to that much more than who is gonna be president.
Who is to be our next man of the people?

Elect FBA Rey del Mundo!

As a part of my becoming an anarchist, I realized that rule by force comes off the table.
Anybody using violence to control another is just mirroring the world around them.
Folks don't do better because they don't know better.
In fact, they are often intentionally taught the opposite.
Warrior culture, anybody?

Unless the group is good at maintaining a peaceful space, what good is it?
Is eliminating dissenters equal to eliminating dissent?
I don't think so, but maybe.
It surely makes finding consensus easier.
It ends the conflict, in the here and now.
I'm not sure how we get butter brickle from all the vanilla, but I am confident the rebels will find a way.

So, TSU, how do you propose we handle dissent?

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i agree with you fa, “those good at maintaining a peaceful space.” the issue is theres always someone trying to push another out of the way for power money or privlege. ive seen this at work, at play, in groups, on posts, etc.,
rarely is there someone trying to help others lower. its always themself or an issue close to their heart. it looks to me, as if kenny and elemental have a great instinct on who to pick ... youve been in the group interacting more so youd know for sure. im in et and ft not tsu.


Then it is up to us to help change those issues.
The old way favored male domination at all cost, the new won't.

The new will favor those willing to put cohesion over individual ambition.
If your goal comes at the sacrifice of another does acheiving your goal acheive the greater good?

If your goal doesnt have clear consensus among those involved its more a scheme, yes?

Unless the workers are willing to keep working, but stop paying, wage slavery is inescapable.
Everybody will be born to it.
Stockholm syndrome will see to it that some embrace their slavery, in time.
Otherwise, maybe they shed a tear under a chestnut tree trying to drown the voice of truth in their head with victory gin.
The future goes to those willing to make it.
It will be what we make of it.

Been pretty quiet on the discord.
I know very little of any of this,...


haha well interesting you are posing a question without engaging. im one of the top engageera on steemit and i dont only stick to specific groups or people. i actually leave many for others lolking for that proper balance. i agree with you 100 on what you staed above. i dont always do this i hope you know. i may read and just keep walking. i dont like to confront on steemit too much. imo burning brisgea on a new platform is t healthy, but i have found taht those that need to stay away do and thaos that stay have become my tribe. i attract many like us so that works for me.


I wouldn't say I wasn't engaging, I'm pathological for the last word,...

Real people will recognize each other by the way fake people shun them.

You are good with me,...


by engaging i meant going through a gazillion posts and seeing how others are on steemit and on discord. we were talking about how people react and respond. your words were “i know little of any of this” so i understood this as you keep to the hermit style of socializing.

if you go into some of these podcasts, contests, ulogs, raffles, curation projects its a lot ... youre good to me too!


My wifi is far to intermittent to keep up with the social scene, I am lucky to get posts out on time.

Even if I had direct access, I read too slow to keep up with everything that happens here, I guess I need better sources.
I always show up late to the excitement.
Usually, I am glad I missed it.

Once I get a permanent location, that is subject to change, but for now, I'ma lay low.
Maybe look for a job managing a private club.
Maybe not.


yeh i need a low key job too 🙈


Having a low level job comes highly recommended in Atlas Shrugged.
Withdrawing support is the first crack in crapitalism's foundation.

How to give all members of the group a common understanding of values?


I think the only real rule is to not include someone that wants to be excluded.
As long as you agree to not force others to comply, you are good.
You can value whatever you want, then.

Hola amigo ¿como estás? aquí pasándome para saludar.

I think some members are not hearty reception to new steemian but some member take it so hearty, pray for all hearty reception doing great work.

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in order for us to strive we need diversity, we need to have people who think a little differently and introduce new ideas, there are the core principles that are important but we all have value and we all bring something extra to the Tribe, that's why we have to create something new, we are here to create, so lets start creating.
Great answer @freebornangel, I appreciate people who tell it like they see it xx


Thank you for the kind words,...