What does "Esoteric" mean to you and how has it influenced your life? | #Esoteric 1UP Airdrop Contest

in tribesteemup •  8 months ago 

This is a mixed Bi-Weekly Question from the @tribesteemup community and the new #esoteric contest from the 1UP community airdrop. In this video I talk about the airdrop itself as well as give my own perspective of the term esoteric. I have not really answered how it has influenced my life but that is pretty much all on Steemit anyway so I think I am good here. :)

For more information about the #esoteric contest and airdrop read the announcement post: https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@eftnow/1up-community-airdrop-esoteric-community-spotlight-and-contests

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what a beautiful explanation and i was following you all the way through. i love how the term is being used and i had not heard it used this way. so thank you for sharing because again these are feelings i have and words like this one (when used sparingly) are powerful and helpful. this video just makes me want to come visit you and try Ayah now LOL i told you in dm i hadnt tried it yet but im your esoteric space i would be so at home.
also, as far as how ones soul develops I’d just like to add i’m one of those souls that hasnt been here in this realm before and will not return. i’ve come to help during this specific time. some of is have not learned through repeated lives on earth. as you know its a time of great change to help humankind and get them/us out of enslavement. a’oo, eagle spirit


Let us stand on the hilltops together in full awareness of our hearts and change the world through the power given to us, shining a light into the darkest corners. Heal ourself, to heal the world.


wonderfully said, a’oo


If you come to Anarchapulco next February we can drink Aya there together! :)


i'd rather come to CR ... been meaning to get there anyway ... now there is a great reason ... more than great :)
i may go to the rainbow festival tho, are you going to that?


No, what exactly do you mean? Envision Festival? Never heard of the rainbow festival, though.


we missed it, it was in july but looks like next year might be in colombia but not sure ...


this is a name they took from my tribe too LOL the hopi

Great explanation of both the esoteric and 1up! @flauwy .. like magnets, some people are drawn towards these halls of eternal learning/knowledge .. whilst others are repelled .. and I think (like you allude to in the video) there are some interesting questions as to why that should be .. indeed the reason behind why some are both compelled to absorb and share wisdom, the forerunners of an impending perceptual shift.

Look forward to using the #esoteric tag and I'll be over to show my support in the next couple of days :)

que fino bro, felicitaciones te quedo buenisimo

Great explanation of esoteric:) Thank you for explaining @1up a bit more in depth. I still dont fully understand SMT, but I am sure I will get the hang of it heh.

From a philosophical point of view, one might say these issues are parsed out in a way via phenomenology and epistemology alongside empiricism and ontology or what is really real about reality. I see this as more than less healthy but it's not without its drawbacks when it gets played out on the societal stage. The caste system is irrational and illogical as one exp., and angirespeaks over on Youtube recently did an overview on esoteric fascism in which she was more than less right on the money.
Wilber's philosophy king esoterics is also problematic as the stakes of disaster get higher within complex societies when assessments based on esoterics end up being incorrect.
I do agree the elites are using occult knowledge on a vast scale and are using it within the capitalist corporate agenda and that this is a dubious​ experiment within the consciousness mindfield.

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