What does it mean to be a lightworker? @tribesteemup QOTW

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This week the @TribeSteemUp biweekly question is:

What does it mean to be a lightworker?

Within the experience of Separation Souls naturally find themselves immersed in the quagmire of discerning internal Truth from external Truth, the wryness of which lies within the fact that the more we assume external Truth the more our ego-mind is "marketing" it as our own internal Truth. Increasingly firmly entrenched belief systems among broader proportions of people entail a commensurately higher likelihood of latching onto patterns which didn't originally stem from within, thus making for the necessity of incrementally undoing external clutter until we each return back home to the epiphany "the only Truth lies within oneself."

As such, the term "lightworker" refers to the embodiment of our most authentic version in Service to anything coming into our sacred field of Love. This doesn't mean that everyone will see, recognize and acknowledge our Service, often times the opposite is the case, for in the face of an authentic Self people are most inevitably being reminded of their own self-declared shortcomings: all the nooks and crannies of conditioned fears accumulated over lifetimes are becoming exposed with no hiding possible. Hence, the quality of Service a lightworker is offering is never to be measured by the extend to which we make others happy. Instead, our purest and most fearless authenticity inspires others to do the same, helping them toward realising that truest inner Peace and Freedom has eternally been residing within, waiting to be unleashed by US. WE are the ones we have been waiting for.

Having said that, being a "lightworker" is not about eradicating the dark aspect in us but about becoming fully aware of our shadow side and accept it wholeheartedly. The healthier a relationship we cultivate with our inner dualism the more in control we will become of our entire emotional gamut, which will gradually make us understand that nothing is ever to be taken personally. Feeling offended and triggered uncovers where we still need healing within. Only by prioritising our very own energetic signature we will be capable of responsibility, which is the ability to respond; finding new solutions thriving from our very own Soul light creativity. When we allow our energetic signature to be superseded by others we tend to re-act, which means picking up and shooting back the energy somebody else emanated, in other words, we place the external energy over our own, placing us into state of blame and victimhood.

Whenever we search for Happiness and inner Peace outside ourselves, we feel a lack thereof within. "I love you as much as I love myself" instead of "I love myself as much as I love you" is the epiphany we learn to cultivate as "lightworkers", placing our Self-Love first, aware that we can only love others to the extend we love ourselves.

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