Just too many tasks... and Keiser Report... Tone Vays... Wrong?

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Hello Everyone!

Sadly, I've been absent... my apologies but I do have a good excuse! There's exciting times ahead!

Cleaning up some of the loose ends... I did make my 5000 push up goal! I also knocked out 51 push-ups in a row at my birthday party... I have witnesses!

I've still got a big announcement in the works... just not yet.

I try to keep up with Max and Keiser Report... but it's stuff like this that makes me wonder about Max... and some of his ideas... the clips starts at his statement... "Venezuela's got allot of oil but no refineries..."

Venezuela's got allot of oil but no refineries... Hmmm?

Max needs to do his research... Venezuela has the 2nd largest refinery on the planet!


If you look closely, you can see my face as I confirm that indeed... Max is wrong and as I thought Venezuela does have a big refinery.

Then Tone... my friend... I try to keep an eye on his advice... but...

...No conspiracy in the price of gold?

.... No one wants Gold any more?

And... drum roll please...

"The majority is always wrong!"


Apparently he forgot the end of the sentence... "in a rigged market."

I suppose theres some sort of perspective that it could seems true.

I also know the media loves people who say things that draw that coveted attention.

I have to wonder if he saw this!

Wisdom of the crowd shown to be significantly better than experts!
Maybe that's why Tone doesn't like the crowd!


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Welcome back. Good work on the push ups. Way to meet your goal. I am doing steady progression with pull ups and I'm liking the results. Just doing 3 reps at a time with at least 15 minute rest in between sets.


Thanks. Im enjoying the additional energy too! I was thinking of moving to pull - ups myself!

Another thought on Venezuela...

Their refinery is operating at 30% and their imports are about 1/8th of the volume they were in years past...

One has to wonder if this isn't a created crisis. I have pretty low expectations when it comes to politicians but this is utter stupidity. That or the opposition has control of the refinery and the docks and is slowly strangling the sitting government.