Focus Discussion: Something very troubling -child abuse front and center

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I am posting this as the beginning of a discussion for my friends, family and followers on the implications of this information on their lives, their loved ones and their communities well being.

Let me start by saying I have no interest in judging consenting adults in doing whatever they wish as long as no one is harmed. However, as I am learning, trauma during childhood can be very harmful to the overall realization of potential of individuals, their livelihood, their health and happiness. Something I think everyone should be concerned about.

The recent video from High Impact Vlogs entitled “What the Hell is going on here?!” published on Aug 30th 2018, pointing to the some very concerning actions within the “trans community” to promote, popularize and potentially take advantage of children who believe themselves to be transgender. A 13 minute video.

Episode Unspun 61 from Jan Irving’s Gnostic Media describing a “Transagenda” coming from the intelligence/academic/media entities. A one hour video. You may want to leave this one for last and go on to the shorter clips.

Recent Anarchast with Becca Tzigany discussing the use of sexual trauma in children to divide and foster mistrust the male-female/family relationship. I’ve started the video at 24:33, the topic discussion is 7-8 minutes.

Stefan Molyneux has been an advocate for years on identifying the harm of trauma on children and how it translates into an acceptance of violence and a government based on violence. Here's the first part of his four part “Bomb in the Brain” series. I would suggest that after watching this 18 minute presentation it can be concluded that abused children have trouble with their own identity.

An interview with Dr.Leonard Sax on the “Louder with Crowder” Show where he outlines that transgender occurrence is about 1 in 30,000. A 13 minute interview.

Finally, another Stefan Molyneux video on the life of Charles Manson. His life is an example of all that can go wrong in a child’s life, poor abusive and ignorant parents, being tossed into the hands of the government’s juvenile system and physical, mental and sexual abuse. This is 1 hour and 37 minutes. I post it as an example of the harm and it's implications long term. It's not a necessity to watch.

If harm to children by the system is what perpetuates this upside down system, people must be aware of remedies. They must also be aware of circumstances that put children in vulnerable circumstances and be on the lookout for such circumstances. Those who harm others need to be put on notice that in this day and age with the technology at hand, evidence of harm can very easily be collected and stored to hold them responsible at a later date.

This is a discussion I intend to follow up on and ask those who read and watch these videos to comment upon, question and discuss.

Again, this is not an attack on any adult lifestyle but a concern for vulnerable children and the future of our communities.

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There's a lot to take in here and it's very unsettling. I haven't watched them all yet, either. Will have to keep coming back to them.