Tribes I think you should pay attention

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Palnet is a Tribe/community based in @minnowsupport Minnow Support Project.

Token: PAL

Tag: palnet

target: general

Project Whitepaper:

Sportstalksocial is a Tribe/community started by @patrickulrich for all sports lovers.


Tag: sportstalk

target: All sports

Creativecoin is the Tribe/community to all creative content on Steem.

@creativecoin team members: @isaria, @swelker101, @juliakponsford, @derengedvisions, @shadowspub, @drumoperator, @victoriabsb, @clayboyn, @neoxian, @drakos.

Token: CCC

Tag: creativecoin

target: All creative content

Project Whitepaper:

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palnet is too hard you can invest its seem like you in more than a full time job on palnet is like steem work you don't even feel like you doing nothing.

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