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Hey Steemians,

this is my second entry for this weeks #trialbycomics by the awsome @kommienezuspadt!
As always you can click the pictures for full resolution. :)

Precious Gollum


Gollum was originally a hobbit (this is probable, but it is not certain) named Sméagol, possibly from the Starren tribe, but the discovery of the One Ring has changed him greatly, both internally and externally. His personality split and he began talking to himself, calling the ring "my precious". When Bilbo Baggins meets him in the tunnels under the Misty Mountains, Gollum can barely remember his origins.

The name Gollum was given to him by the Northman because he uttered a cry of pleasure, cry, or indignation that sounds like gollum. He feeds on raw meat and fish, but he also eats orc meat.


This time the whole Picture is made in Clip Studio Paint, which was a part of the Software-bundle coming with my intuos comic s.










Hope you guys like my entry!
The #trialbycomics contest is such a great contest with awesome participants as well.
If you don´t know #trialbycomics, here you have all the Info of this contest.

And now, go and check out the other entries too.
(After you gave me an upvote 😜)

Have a nice day and steem on!


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Awesome post. I wish I could have added an upvote within the 7 days.


Thank you! :)
Yeah I know this feeling when you find some great content, which is already older than 7days ;) But I'm really happy u like it anyway.


Yea - I I'll follow you and look for your stuff in the future.


That's great, hope u will like what I post ;)

Lol love this take on him...cant stop laughing...so cheeky and cute even lol


Thanks @atopy, happy you like him! :3

i used to be so scared of gollum when i was a kid that it kept me from ever watching any of the lord of the rings movies, but you made him look so adorable and, dare i say, approachable! making me consider giving those movies a second chance :p


Haha that's cool! :D But he won't be that adorable in the movies! ;) Happy you like him! Thanks! :)

haha this golem is the cutest XD how weird would LOTR be if he was like this ... o.O


Thanks Rogier! Haha yes that would definitely be weird! XD


I had the same thoughts! xD

Hahahaha! Kawaii!! This made my day.


Thank you! :D Happy to hear that!! ("(^_^)/")

Hello w0olf,
Excellent work! I really enjoy when an artist documents their process from start to finish, and you did this brilliantly!

You should check out @magiccleatus ... he is new to Steem but is a brilliant graphics artist and game developer - say hello - he is working on some very interesting projects!

Upvoted and resteemed - and following you for more :D


Hey @icedrum!
Thank you so much! I#m happy you like it!
I try to always include the process in my art-posts! :)

Thanks for your support. :D

Have a nice day!
Cheers, @w0olf

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I kind of pity and hate sméagol at the same time. Nice one w0olf!


Same here ;) Thanks @lires! :)


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wow, very beautiful art

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