Original art: Rain Under Umbrella(+Speedpaint)

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Yay more original characters rather than fanart(not sure if that's a good thing for you guys-) But not only am I going to show the progress shots for this one but also share the speedpaint for it! Which you can watch here:

I also made the music in the speedpaint myself(still new to it though. This is my second music) Would be very grateful if you give it a watch!(and maybe like//no) It even has a lil' animation of my mascot(who I'll talk about another time) at around kinda the second half of the vid) If you do like the speedpaint, maybe check out the previous speedpaint too which music was also made by me and was my first completed music~

This drawing can be found in my deviantart

Okay, here are some things about Ran: They are the personification of my positive side! Buuuuut 2018...so far, not that great for me. Normally, if I'm down and wanna draw Vent art I'd use my OC, Venty(personification of my negative side)buuuuuuuuut I'm trying not to be but it doesn't change the fact that I'm still kinda feeling bleh. And so this drawing was made! Like it isn't that sad but tears are still coming out of Ran's eyes who's suppose to be the happier and positive side of me with rainclouds around her even though they have an umbrella that's suppose to protect them from said rainclouds...not sure if I'm making sense. But then again, it doesn't have to since Ran's suppose to be for "random drawing" ideas that I get which are ideas that mashes random stuff I think of into one drawing. I also got some comic ideas for them but god my drawing plans are super stacked up I gotta put those comics(and other comic ideas) on hold

With random drawings, I tend to experiment with my style and especially my colouring. And Ran is an OC that doesn't have a fixed colour palette so I can pretty much give them any colour I want to(their "default colours" for when I'm lazy in having to give them different colours are pink hair and golden-ish eyes) Then, I came across @kommienezuspadt 's contest which had the theme 'Colors' and thought might as well join even if the drawing's colours might be experimental colours because...colours! I don't have detailed progress shots of my colouring specifically because I find it hard to take progress shots of a specific drawing phase because I don't know when I should take the shot... but if you watch the speedpaint you'll at least see how I shade and stuff! Okay, on to the regular progress shots

Progress shots.png
sketch.png lineart.pngbase colours.pngshading.pngfinished.png


This drawing is also available on Redbubble!

Link: https://www.redbubble.com/people/thilah/works/30698862-rain-under-umbrella
Yep that's right I made a Redbubble last night!(I really hope it goes well adfjdsfkj) I'll probably make a post about it but I'll wait till my redbubble has more drawing design things. Okay, end of post! Thanks for reading(and watching the speedpaint if you did)

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Nice post my friend



Amazing @thilah! Upvoted and resteemed! Thank you for participating! The RedBubble merch is a great idea!


Thank you so much for the upvote and resteem @kommienezuspadt! Thank you for holding this contest~
Aah, really hope the redbubble merch goes well- Took a while to muster up the confidence to do it

Very lovely * ___ * The colours are so bubblegum and gorgeous and clean * ___ * GOOD LUCK IN THE CONTEST THILAH <3333



THANK YOU SO MUCH @veryspider!!! I'm trying to be more confident in joining contests adfjjjkfdgjk

Looks good! Congrats :D


Thank you Sean~!

ohhh this is lovely!
I super enjoyed this, thanks for sharing the process and speedpaint vid <3 <3
she's super cute . and good luck for the contest!


Thank you very much! No problem~ Thanks for checking out the process and speedpaint vid~!

The music was adorable, did you do it specifically for the video? As it fit really well :)



Thank you! And kinda? I'd normally do the music way before I think of what to draw but then when I did started to have an idea of what the drawing was probably gonna be, I added some water drips and rain sounds to make it more fitting~

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I love your style!!
And the color palette here is so cute!

I love Redbubble~! It is a awesome site for making merch~
Anyway, keep up the great work, #watching


Thank you so much! You have such a beautiful style~
Mm mm I'll try my best! You keep up the great work too watches back