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The mythological focal point is the blue lotus, which is actually a blue water lily, and the culture of reference is Egyptology. There’s been some creative license in my interpretation of my chosen mythology, so the imagery might seem confusing. The image above relates specifically to a scene in my novel that I was inspired to draw thanks to @kommienezuspadt’s Trial by Comic contest.

A sacred flower across many cultures, the blue lotus is most strongly associated to the Ancient Egyptians for its symbolism to the sun, creation and rebirth. The bloom is ubiquitous in ancient egyptian art, and is famously referenced in the Papyrus of Ani, more commonly known as The Book of the Dead, in Spell 81a translated by Sir E. A. Wallis Budge (1895):

The Chapter of Changing into a Lotus
Saith Osiris Ani: “I am the pure lotus which cometh forth from the god of light, the guardian of the nostrils of Ra, the guardian of the nose of Hathor. I advance and I hasten after him who is Horus. I am, the pure one who cometh forth from the field

There is more than one god associated with the lotus and the Egyptian pantheon is confusing! My primary interest lies in the God, Nerfertum, who is known as the lotus God of healing and a creature of perfection. His mother is Sekhmet, the lioness Goddess of war. Both mother and son feature in my fictional world as supporting characters to my fictional Goddess, Seka. She is the sister of Nerfertum and favoured child of Sekhmet. Seka is also a Goddess of healing, only she is a creature of imperfection. In this scene, my protagonist, Erik is about the wake up to a surprise! Yeah, Seka is pestering him. 🤣

My project is a tale of love, adventure, second chances, resurrection and the pursuit of immortality.

So this was more quick concept art, but this time I’m not fussed it’s not ‘finished’ and just pleased I got the scene into visual form. My husband was confused initially, it’s not the kind of stuff I normally do. I was also a little at lost as to what I was doing at points, but I think it hung together pretty well. :)

Thanks for looking!

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Great drawing ...

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Thanks! :)

I imagine it would be slightly disconcerting to wake up to talons in your mouth XD I don't yet have a handle on what you usually draw so this looks as it is to me which is pretty good, I love that flower! So using this for a book illustration then? :D


Yes, this is just a skeleton concept. It doesn’t have the texture or the depth in detail I’d like. But I’m just please that I’m getting a little confident throwing more colour around with fussing about it. I have development goals for illustrating for me novel. :)

Oh, Seka’s just messing with him. He’s been dying in a desert and not very useful to her....

That's one tasty fingernail.

Good drawing :)


Thanks! :)

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