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Holo is HOT right now, too HOT to buy.
I think its coz of the Mozilla news. Still waiting for confirmations that the deal will happen.

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Welcome to

lmao crypto weather!!

Liking Dogecoin these days

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dogecoin to the moon.


I think so

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As we all know about the present market of bitcoin and cryptocurrency which puts everyone to be patience or harsh or control volatile market.. @trevonjb But hope so the Holochain can get good response in this present situation where everyone can gain something..

Interesting blog and really thanks for giving the update and information 👌👍

By yours,

Hollow chain the new thing I've ever heard in steemit ..this is a new coin introduced with yours thanks for giving too much useful information that will help me and every participant who are working on state everyone need to be thankful to you...

Lol I like these Crypto weather reports! Creative way to get the daily price action out there.

One would have to look out for holochain

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Following neo at this time !!

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My only question is who else out there is doing such an incredible analysis on the coins we love?!?!?!?!

I don´t see many analysis like this with a lot of fundamentals (and so quick). :D

Is now a good time to buy more bitconnect?


No last week was best chance. They were around 40 cent. Up to 50 cent today.

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Invitala, gorilon!