The date happened, people are curious, and now Steemit is getting an incredible amount of traffic (More than 8,000 Views! The Power of "Trending")

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This morning, nine days after I interviewed John Goehrke, the view count is exploding.

For real. Click the link above and check out the number. As I type this right now, the view count is at 7,402. Who knows where it will get to, but at one point this morning, it was increasing by one view every two seconds.

Last week, I went into detail about the power of "overnight influencers," and how Steemit writers can leverage these topics. "Trending" stories on Facebook and Twitter make up a huge part of the content we consume on a daily basis. The problem is, for the most part, many news outlets write the exact same, or similar stories. For example, when Genie agreed to go on the date, many pieces of content that told the story were the same thing: A collection of screenshots of the Twitter conversation between Genie and John.

The reason my Steemit story stood out was that I offered something that the other websites didn't: An exclusive "20 questions" interview with John. People were Googling John's name and wanted to find out more about him. And when they did, they would have seen my Steemit blog post sitting on the first page of Google results.

This morning's view count explosion.

When I went to bed last night, the view count on my interview with John was at about 3,000 views. Now it's at 7,720. (Notice the increase from above?)

Why? Because the date happened last night!

And this morning, this story is trending. Especially because Genie admitted John was actually "normal" and the date was "great."


People are dying to find out more about this guy who: 1) Landed a date with one of the most attractive female tennis players in the world. 2) Got to sit court-side with her at last night's Bucks/Nets game. 3) Was smooth enough to actually make it appear as though Eugenie had a good time.

More about the date...

Genie getting ready


That coat, tho


For a completely random guy with no Twitter profile picture, John looks pretty normal!


Seems like a success!


Oh, by the way, Genie just happened to also be in the Sports Illustrated 2017 Swimsuit Issue that also came out yesterday...


Final thoughts:

  • The interview with John view count is now at 8,357
  • I've reached out to John for "20 MORE questions," however, it's probably a long shot that he'll participate
  • There are definitely opportunities for Steemit authors to capitalize on topics that are trending, as long as what they're writing isn't the exact same as what everyone else is writing.

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