Evidence That The Trending Page is Deeply Flawed

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Yeah, okay, so there are some good posts that make it to the Trending page. Might as well admit to that caveat up front.

I do about 80% of my Steeming on an iPad running the Safari browser. Most of the rest on an iPhone, also Safari. Here and there, I use IE on an ancient laptop running Windows 7. Which, always looking out for my safety, repeatedly warns me that it might be running an unauthorized bootleg version of Windows 7. The horrors!

When I view the Trending page from my iPad, it loads 20 posts by default. When I scroll to the bottom of the page, it starts loading more. But 20 to start with. Typically, I’ll be presented with one or maybe two “worthy” posts and 18-19 bits of dreck.

You know what I’m talking about. Whale X posts a bunch of pics he took on his smart phone while wandering around, upvotes himself for $217.42, and 314 Steemians sing his praises. Orca Y posts three paragraphs about some crypto theory and 147 Steemians upvote with Follow me bro comments (okay, 120 of them actually upvote the post, the other 27 just comment and upvote their own comment). Dolphin Z posts some Advice for New Steemians gosh-I-never-would-have-thought-of-something-that-obvious advice, sends a bunch of SBD’s to eight upvote bots, and voilà! ends up on the Trending page.

Again, yes, occasionally something good ends up there.

But how many times does great content fall through the cracks?

Case in point, @donallogue


Dónal Logue is primarily known as an actor (in case you don’t know him, check out his imdb.com page).

But, damn, the man can write.

He did two really short posts to get started (do not miss the post about Danny Trejo in jail). Since then, a series of excellent longer posts. None of which got anywhere near the Trending page. That is just wrong. He wrote a stunning post about serial killers:

Serial Killers - Qu'est-ce que c'est?

that got very little traction here. It deserved a much bigger audience. Dónal has written several other very impressive posts, again Trending page virgins.

Something is seriously wrong with Steemit if a writer of this quality is falling through the cracks.

(tips of the hat to @benleemusic for inviting Dónal to the Steem blockchain and to @mattclarke for bringing him to my attention)

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