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Human beings have gone through a tremendous journey right from the origin of our species to where we are now. Despite the ability to think and make choices, we are still finding out more about ourselves even today. From creating the wheel to building spaceships and exploring the universe, our journey has been magnificent to say the least. But what makes us so special? Is it just our intelligence or our opposable thumbs? Or is it our will or the ability to dream and make them come true? Maybe it’s a combination of everything that makes us who we are. While there are several technological or industrial feats that were amazing to behold, here are some truly amazing physical feats some of us have achieved. These feats embody strength, passion, endurance and perseverance and will surely inspire you to think of the impossible. These feats have broken the mold of what we thought was humanly possible.

  1. The Running Man Cometh

In 2005, a man named Dean Karnazes completed his 350 mile run. What was incredible about this feat wasn’t the fact that he ran over 300 miles. It was that he did it without any breaks. Yes you read it right. He ran for over 80 hours without taking any breaks. He endured high temperatures, sleep deprivation and exhaustion to perform this incredible feat. He had to consume over 40,000 calories and drank more than nine gallons of water to sustain his body while running.


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