Cops See and Smell Weed Smoke and I Exercised My Rights and Was Free To Go!

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I was parked in my car on the street across a park at 12:00am at night. I was smoking weed with a few of my co-workers in my car.

Then the police roll up and shine their high beams in my car!! I thought right there that I'm skrewed and that they caught me red handed!

I did not want to get arrested or get my car impounded or anything that day so I thought to myself the best thing I can do is atleast exersice my rights.


Then when the police officer approached my window I rolled my window down and WEED SMOKE WAS POURING OUT, I mean it looked like somthing out of a movie!! I still did my best to remain calm and act like it wasn't a big deal in any way whats so ever.


Then the cop asked me what am I doing, and the cop assuming me to be very nervous, I was very calm and confident and told the cop, I'm getting ready to leave right now and drop off my co-workers at their house, then the cop asked for my ID.


There where about 4 cops and a couple already noticed that I had expired registration. But when the cop asked for my ID, I went into my wallet looked inside of it, and I was looking at my drivers license and I knew if I give this cop my ID, I'm done, but I saw a card that I have, that I can give a cop to exercise my rights and I thought, Im going to exersice my rights and give this to him.


So I pull out my "police statment card" instead of my ID and I give that to him! And I said a few magic words to make the cop very cautious of what he's doing, but he set my card on top of my car and persisted to ask for my ID, I then persisted myself and told him those magic words again to make him very cautious of what he was doing.

Then he asked for my ID again, then I turned to the other cop and said "hey this cop has to read that by law "then I told the other cop the same magic words that I told the first cop. Then after that I said this cop is violating my rights I want to see a supervisor. Then the cop told me that cop was the supervisor, then I said "well then bring out your lieutenant, then he said its midnight and the lieutenant is in the main county.


Then the cop read my card and said well we arent keeping you from calling your lawyer, then I tried to call my mentor that I learn from but my phone was dead haha. Then the cops were telling me how I'm in violation with certain codes then I would rebuttal; very intelligently whatever the cop was saying I was doing wrong.

We were going back and forth for about 10min and I was owning the cops with the knowledge I have about the law, and my rights. Everything the cops would say I would say somthing very smart quoting the law and my rights to counter everything they were saying. How I was smoking weed, and how I don't need registration or insurance.


And when I noticed I was still winning the argument against two/three cops, I said some more magic words again then after I said some magic words I right after asked am I free to go, then he said " I guess...its ok with me just ask the supervisor if its ok" then I turned over and asked the supervisor "am I free to go" then he didnt say nothing for a few seconds, then he nodded his head yes without looking at me, then he said yeah.

The way he said it I could tell he didn't want me to go but he felt obligated, so he just nodded his head yes and then followed with saying yeah without ever looking in my eyes.

Then my coworkers were like "daaammm, I didnt know you knew how to talk to cops like that!!!!"