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All through the neighborhood, the Bradford Pear trees are sporting their white blossoms and almost begging to be photographed, so that makes me think of #treetuesday, initiated by @old-guy-photos. This row of several trees is especially beautiful this time of year, and only a half-mile from where I currently live.


This tree is one of many cultivars ['Bradford'] of the Callery pear (Pyrus calleryana) which is native to China and Vietnam. It was brought to other parts of the world (152 different counties ) because of its beauty, hardiness, as well as tolerance of various "soil types, drainage levels, and soil acidity." [1] However, the trees have proven to be an invasive species in some areas because they can reproduce prolifically under certain conditions.

The various cultivars are generally themselves self-incompatible, unable to produce fertile seeds when self-pollinated, or cross-pollinated with another tree of the same cultivar. However, if different cultivars of Callery pears are grown in proximity (within insect-pollination distance, about 300 ft or 100 m), they often produce fertile seeds that can sprout and establish wherever they are dispersed. [1]

There is a factory nearby that takes wool and makes end-user products from it. The entrance road to the factory is lined with Bradford Pear trees, which resembles little balls of wool from a distance, so I jokingly refer to them as "Wool Trees." 😁


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   1 Wikipedia: Pyrus calleryana





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Oh, yes!!! I had never seen one until I moved to Texas for a few years. (or I never noticed is more like it) One of my neighbors had two in the front year and they were so beautiful and much like the ones you show, cotton balls!

I love your trees! They are beautiful and make such a pretty little drive on a nice day. I love the landscape of where you live.


Have a great night!

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They really are quite beautiful! I remember them well from my years of living in Texas; we don't have them here in the Northwest... as far as I know, but we do have lots of pretty flowering fruit trees here.

The do look like wool! I loooove Bradford Pear trees. We don't have them where I live now so I miss them. They are one of the first to bloom each spring. Beautiful shots @thekittygirl :)

I love watching the pear trees blossom in the South. Here in Ohio, no pear tree has dreamed of blossoming yet. It was still snowing only 2 short days ago.


Those are some nice looking trees. I like watchig the petals fall off. It would be like a blizzard under those.

The fruit trees are meant to start in my region this weekend with peak bloom next weekend. We have cherry blossom trees mostly.

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Looks like it's a little warmer where you are. I just got done beating my pear trees with a 2x4 this weekend. It helps put them in shock and produce better. We still have snow, so no pear blossoms yet.

Lovely photos! We have lots of those blooming around here right now, as well. Though I think it is the tree pollen that seems to most inflame my seasonal allergies, they are very pretty to look at and make me happy to know spring is really here!

Great photos, spring is on its way and I'm so happy. Loner days, all blooms, colors...

Oh! How wonderful!
Do those trees produce edible pears? If so how could it ever be considered invasive?
Do there blossoms have any smell? I would love to be standing at the head of that lane taking in the view and scent!
Thanks for sharing this beautiful spring scene!

No, this cultivar is only ornamental and produces no fruit at all. The blossoms actually smell rather badly at their height, a kind of sickly-sweet smell which most people do not like. The big reason for the trees' popularity is more in their uniform growth when they're young, which is why they're often used in office parks and residential settings. It wold be nicer if they bore fruit! 😋

Too bad they do not bear edible fruits for you would have an abundance around you!
they sure are beautiful though!
Thanks for the info!

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The Bradford Pears here love to split when there are heavy winds. They used to use them as street trees until cars got ruined by them. Sort of ironic now that I’m writing this. Lol. I love when they are in bloom though. We are probably another several weeks away. Some magnolias and plums are starting to spring to life though. :-D

@thekittygirl the white blossoms are SO WONDROUSLY BEAUTIFUL!! I wish I could see them in person ((:

Wow. These trees do really look great. Nature is still a bit behind here. The flowering of the trees will not be too long in coming.