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Here's a few sunlit fall leaves for this #treetuesday by @old-guy-photos

Here's a nice orange maple leaf being backlit by the sun. The sun is shining through a tiny hole in the leaf.

I had to get another shot of this leaf with a different backlighting.

Here's a backlit poplar leaf looking nice and yellow.

A backlit oak leaf nice and red. The veins really show up well on this one.

I'm not sure what leaf this is, possibly some kind of thorn bush. This one was even more red than the oak.

Not sure of what this leaf is either, its a smaller sized plant.

Another shot of the yellow with the sun piercing through the forest.

Now for some fall panoramas. The gold highlights really pop where the sun is hitting against the dark forest background.

An open field to the right is letting in alot of light.

The ground is covered in leaves with a sunray peaking through. In the distance a cloud of insects is getting lit by the sun.

This tree was firey orange.

Nice blue and yellow combo on dark soil.

A blanket of color over the dark soil.

The sunset of the forest bathing day. Happy #treetuesday

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Beautiful and fantastic photos !!!!!!

Thanks it was fun going out and looking at the leaves. Too bad my mushrooms are out of season.

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The mushrooms are out of season here too 😕.
I still have a few fungi photos I took a few weeks back in inventory..🤗..!

Now its time to grow the indoor kits. I want to try blue oysters again.

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I haven't tried an indoor kit. I'd like to do that sometime...!!

Beautiful leaf view...light also come.

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Yeah i got blinded by it a few times lol.

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Beautiful the autumn colors and your play with the hands. I don't want to miss the change of seasons. I like your contribution very much!

I wish i had a light table for more photo tests.

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Beautiful photo

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Thanks :-]

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Nice and colorful sunlit leaves photography.


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Beautiful photos! I'm just so enamored by the these - especially those glowing orange leaves and the scene in the woods. Wow.

Fall is my favorite season.

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