A Tree-rific Tree Tuesday!

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Trees and Flag for the holiday :)


Welcome Friends To A

Tree-rific Tree Tuesday!

Well I thought this is an interesting tree and would make a cool Tree Tuesday post!


Check out the neat leaves, kinda different looking.


Different looking because of course it is no tree lol. I think it is maybe a seed from a tree though. All I know is I found it on my truck bumper and it struck me how it was shaped like a tree.


Funny thing about macro photography is I had not even noticed the snail!!! He basically photo-bombed my shot LOL!!


Well he was not the only bugger around! Talk about a master of camouflage...


So here is my happy little tree like thingie.


and the silliness I do to get a barely adequate shot lol.


Have a super Tuesday!


Thanks for stopping by!

All words and images are mine and can be also found on my various social media sites. Now I must add that some of the shots I steal from my son Ben @silver314 , but I feed him so he can sue me lol.



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  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Well, I fell for it! I am such an easy mark, and truly, I should know better! @zekepickleman is right!!! That is totally a bait and switch!

Switch it back and put some Steem in it when you do! ;)

You are really doing well with that new lens. I can see you are really enjoying it. I really need to get out more with mine. I feel like it is gathering cobwebs. That snail is so tiny! Amazing when you can see when you are under the microscope!

!tip (you may need to use it to see this tiny tip)

Hope you are having a great #TreeTuesday! Here is my link! I even dropped it just like I am supposed to. I don't want the old man giving me what for or anything!:


Oh your tips are very generous and never taken for granted. Weird I just voted your post like at the same second, how does that even happen lol. I will resteem u in a bit coz OMG my post is sucking air and needs to be seen. Just pitiful really.

Anyways its crazy! Have a tree-rific day.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

I will resteem yours in a moment or three. Mine just got up and needs to gather some ummm, steem.

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas in July!

And thanks for being an active member on #SteemUSA!

Happy Tree Tuesday my friend. Though this is some pretty sinister bait and switch!

Haha! Yes!!! Bait and Switch!


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Isnt super tuesday Some holiday they celebrate in the usa?

Have a nice day and good mood! For the Tuesday Tree

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Perception is everything. :-)

Ah... getting ready for Independence Day.

What a creative take on a Tree Tuesday Post i would never have guessed it was so small

er eis my Oversized Bonsai Tree Tuesday Post https://steemit.com/treetuesdya/@tattoodjay/tree-tuesday-the-big-bonsai-tree

Haha, I love what you did with that plant. It looked so amusing when I saw the photo when you made it a tree. Thanks for sharing this and have a great day!!

Loved the spider shot. That was an amazing capture. So we are building our own trees now:):):)

Hey ya gotta do whatcha gotta do lol

A fantastic little tree with one little snail, haha

That's a cute looking tree you made. Yesterday was my first post on #treetuesday. So happy to finally join with you all.
You can check it out here- https://steemit.com/treetuesday/@rem-steem/the-healing-power-of-nature-479106ffae4f8est
:) :)

I see a polliwog, but no snail. What am I doing wrong? You really had me there. "What tree IS that?" Oh, the ever elusive, diminu not-a-real, bumper-tree. And the getup for a visual setup is impressive too. Gotta love a soldering iron spring. This photo looks like it could be in the Tree Toss series. Gotta finish that out. A tiny flurry of trees has happened in the last few months. But tiny, what happened to all the scofflaws?
Your spider IS impressive. Had to look harder than the polliwog...

Hah, that's great! I love the prop set up at the end!