Tree Tuesday – Three roads at sunset

in treetuesday •  3 months ago

I was riding back from playing disk golf tonight on my bike and was impressed by the sunset. I thought I would share a few photos, since I have not posted much recently.

On the way home at sunset street one – click for viewing full screen

There were some nice trees and bushes on this street. The nice thing about riding your bike is that you can stop basically anywhere and take a picture.

Sunset on street two – click for viewing full screen

It felt like the sky was getting nicer to look at as I road farther along.

Sunset on street three – click for viewing full screen

Just a short post, I hope everyone is doing fine out there. I have been enjoying disk golfing and harvesting stuff from the garden. The weather here is very nice in the fall.

Here’s a bonus picture of the rain drops on the blackberries in my yard. The berries are mostly picked over now by the birds and yours truly. The frogs, fruit flies, and spiders are still there though.

Rain drops in the morning on the blackberries – click for viewing full screen

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+. Tree Tuesday was started by @old-guy-photos

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That looks like a real peaceful street!!!

Those rain drops on the blackberries look amazing!

I am always happy to see you in the tag, my friend!


I'm always happy to post and see your comments my friend. Thank you.

Wow Excellent photography. it is really look. so looking for sunset
Thanks @lightsplasher
Have a great day

You are indeed an expert at photo shoots. The sunset is amazing. I like your shots focusing on the sunset and the surrounding natural scenery. Thank you for sharing. Regards @lightplasher


Thank you @mattmcguire, I'm always trying to learn and improve, I don't really consider myself an expert though, lol.


I say right. I see sunsets usually on the beach and sunset, which you portrait straight with trees on the asphalt road. After I check your photography, there is a beauty of sunlight with different colors. What camera do you use.

Wooww. What a view.. very nice shit dear lighty brov...
Brother feel free visit my bloggs

I like the 1st pic most of all. Howdie!


Hi! Yes, I like that one too, with the third one in the running as well. Thanks for the feedback. :)

The sunset makes the environment looks naturally lovely and beautiful. And the photo you took looks really amazing and of high quality also. Nice photo


Thank you, I feel very fortunate to have a nice phone to take photos with all the time.

It seems like the tree is touching the sky. Just beautiful!


Thank you, yes I like the way the evening light hits the branches on the trees, particularly in the first photo.

I like very much all your photos. The sunset at the end of the street ... I like the photos that show roads that end up suddenly. The street you are walking on is beautiful, quiet and has a great opening, I am convinced that cycling there is extremely pleasant.
Does the fall begin? I still do not feel like this ... summer seems to like to stay.


Thank you, I'm glad you liked the photos. Cycling this time of year is very nice around here. It has been raining just a bit and cooler.


After the rain it is very pleasant to walk or ride a bicycle.

walk by paddling the bike while looking at the special natural scenery with good sky weather and that is fun, of course, @lightsplasher friends. Very good work for today's friend, I really like it.

beautiful view of the sunset I really like the desire of the sun. greetings @lightsplasher

It is very beautiful, the sun is about to set and the clouds are beautiful and the trees are also very good, the sanya is very interested in the beauty of the scenery.
greetings @riskazahra


The view is very beautiful, I really like the atmosphere of the post, with the beauty of the tree that looks really cool because when shooting when the sun goes in ... Thank you @lightsplasher

Very cool photo photo, I'm so calm and soothing, the beauty of beautiful twigs and twigs, I really like the photos you post ... and I want to always follow you and I want to share this post ... Thank you @lightsplasher


Thank you, the evening was very calm and soothing.

Photography alam yang sangat indah @lightsplasher saya ingin membagikan postingan anda dan saya ingin mengikuti anda dan membagikan postingan anda ini...

Good job my friend forever

Best photography my friend

all photos are amazing.
I strongly agree with your opinion that by cycling we are very free to decide to stop where we like.

I found many beautiful things on the trip, sometimes I wanted to take photos or videos, but because driving with my wife or other people it couldn't be done.

thank you @lightsplasher for sharing beautiful things.


I really enjoy cycling because you can feel the wind and weather and usually stop when you want. There is a tendency around here to view the roads as being mostly for cars but I've noticed more bike lanes and road lines being repainted recently to accommodate bikes. I think this is a good thing.


in my country the bicycle lane has not been noticed by the government.

therefore people are afraid to use bicycles on the highway. or in urban areas.

when the sun goes down that is where we can enjoy the beauty of nature or the sky which is very beautiful, and not too long the sky is shrouded in black that is night. amazingly my friend @lightsplasher and I was very impressed with this amazing photography.



Thank you, I find it fun to take a little time to enjoy the sunset and take photos when you have the chance.


You are welcome. my friend @lightsplasher, seeing the sunset turns out that there are benefits for our health, among others, can reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.

wow Very beautiful photography, my friend @lightsplasher I really like it, it looks like you are on a hill while taking this beautiful sky, so it looks very beautiful.


I was riding my bike slowly up a steep hill heading towards the south. I kept passing these streets going west on the hill. Thank you.


You are welcome. my friend @lightsplasher I am also very grateful. I really like to play relaxing bikes, especially when the sun starts to six, besides we enjoy walking, we can also enjoy the beauty of the reddening sky which is very beautiful.

the post is very good, and the weather is good ,, sunset sunset is very beautiful my dear friend, this time I saw the beauty of the sun and trees, at sunset, thank you for sharing my dear friend, I also got the sunset on the edge of the rice fields




Nice photo! Sunset photography is one of my favorites. It is nice to have a camera available to use when the conditions are right.


yes my friend ,, indeed the sun is very beautiful when it's on time

Best sunset my senior friend.
Like it..


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The sunset is very beautiful, the scenery is amazingly nice and clean, and the trees are very green, good posts my brother @lightsplasher, I like your post and I want to share this post ... Thank you for sharing @lightsplasher.

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