Two, Late, for Tree Tuesday

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A little late for #TreeTuesday, the tag created by @old-guy-photos, because the program I normally post with wouldn't upload my photos despite a restart and a server change. But, better late than never, here are two tree images with a twist. There, in the background of the first photo, you can see the two palm trees that dominate the second picture.

Another thing that's unique about these photographs is the lo-fi quality, courtesy of a $12.75 plastic lens. These images were captured with a Holga lens, adapted to fit a Canon DSLR. This piece of Chinese plastic allows DSLR users to capture images with all the unique qualities of a Holga film camera, soft focus, vignetting, chromatic aberration...everything but light leaks. To further the vintage look, I used "cross-process" settings in the color curves on GIMP. I think my DSLR has a "toy camera" setting, but it's fun to capture the image that way instead by using a true toy lens. I've barely had the lens 24 hours, and I'm not used to the focusing yet - 4 settings (portrait, small group, large group, mountain). Every picture I took of flowers came out blurry. I'm going to have to start using "live view" and move closer and further away to get better focus. Anyway, it's a pretty cool lens for just a few bucks.

1/100 sec - ISO 1600


1/100 sec - ISO 250

Please click on the images to view them full screen!

Original photographs by @kunschj. All rights reserved

CameraCanon EOS 80D
LensHolga 60mm f/8 lens
Editing SoftwareGIMP
LocationPort Hueneme, California

kunschj blacktop.png

Thanks @otage for my name in blacktop alphabet!

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create idea for a series.

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Thanks so much, Pix!

Still Tuesday here in Alaska. I guess that is one advantage to living so close to the date line.

Ha ha. Well, I actually made it by a couple of hours in California too :-)

Are you close to any of the fires? I guess you still have power. We have been looking through and trying to find local reports and videos of the fires, but it seems the only ones available are the Main Stream Media outlets. very few youtube videos from just ordinary people. I guess with no power in the fire areas it is hard to upload the videos if any one did get any.

We're not too close, but the Getty fire seems to be making it up the coast to where I work so we got an email about how much administrative leave we could have to relocate our families if it came to that, but I'm not really seeing or smelling smoke.

That's good, just keep those bug-out bags ready. Remember the only real important things are those with feet or wings.

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