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Not the biggest trees in town Non Indigenous, rejoycing in a splash of colour today ~ #treetuesday hosted by @old-guy-photos

Many will recognize the Codiaeum variegatum or Croton as an indoor plant, for those living in Southeast Asia - Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, New Guinea, northeast Australia, through the western Pacific to Fiji and Vanuatu, also Durban South Africa's (sub-tropical climate), will more than like refer to them as trees in the garden.

Losing some leaves at the end of winter, starting with buds turning into flowers now at the end of winter readying itself for the warmer humid summer, these are now approximately 2 meters high having shared my garden for 30 years, only needs occasional pruning with very little other specific requirements.

Starting to go into flower at the end of winter in South Africa

Flowering end of winter in South Africa

A variety of medicinal uses have been found in the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, I had never previously looked into benefits derived from this tree, made for interesting reading ~ Medicinal Properties

Croton tree, anything taller than me is a tree

Narrow-leafed variety has the same petite starburst flowers, leaves on the same bush foliage color ranges from green variegated with white, pink, orange, red, yellow, or purple in various combinations that may change as the leaves age.

Narrow-leafed croton tree

Looking up through the awesome leaves!

Croton tree colours dancing in the sunlight

Trees with exceptional colour year-round is beneficial along paths against stark walls, being a little more cozy and cheerful, never allowing you to feel there is nothing beautiful in the world anymore. Always something to look at in awe!

Talking about cheerful here are flowers now saying goodbye to us with winter drawing to an end, for @kalemandra #tuesdayorange, @dswigle who enjoys bringing cheerful flowers with every post!

Cheerful face, photo taken at our local nursery

Golden shower last blooms of winter this year, thanks for the wonderful show this year

In parting a reminder all photography is my own, resized for convenience uploading, closing off the day a winter African sky, sihouette of sunsets around this time of year with palm trees swaying in the evening wind.


Thought for today: A man will show his true colours in adversity. ~ African proverb

My entry for Tree Tuesday hosted by @old-guy-photos

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Wow. What a nice group of photos. I love the orange flowers for sure. Of course, I am crazy for orange so the two photos of flowers made me smile this morning. Thanks for that!

Flower power, always brings cheer @xcountytravelers

Very beautiful! I like compositional solutions in photography. Especially in landscape shots they are visible.

Landscapes slowly disintegrating into development, aim higher!

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Great place to pin @steemitworldmap for future travelers.

Hmm...I indeed see these trees in the garden (at least I think so, they really look familiar!), but I never knew their names until today! And just like any other plants, they actually look beautiful when you go close enough :)

Thanks for sharing!

There are quite a few varieties, their flash of colour definitely fills blank spaces @lilacse

I again have the cat by its snout Lady Joan, as I am wondering why I see treetuesday posts if today is Monday hahaha. (Marian just told me it's Tuesday)

Your tree shots are great indeed!

Losing days again... Annoying feeling of having to catch up!

What a fabulous set of photos that tree is so colorful as are the flowers and then you finish with that lovely sunset on a dull grey day here just what I needed a burst of lovely colors in this post

What is it with seeing gorgeous flowers in bloom at the nursery never last in my garden, now I look photograph and dream of gentle gardens full of flowers!

I dont even have a garden where i live right now but in previous places I did and I can say I really do not have a green thumb they never last long for me

I've seen that plant before but never the flowers! So beautiful!

Flowers are so small between those large leaves, look at the end of Winter they are pretty @joelai

They sure are!

1 !BEER Token for you

Beer the wonderful golden delicious liquid so many enjoy, thanks @palnetvoter

I remember those trees. So beautiful. And those flowers are delightful. Thank you for sharing 💐😊

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Flowers bring so much joy, one looks for them in every season @dkkarolien

Your flowers and trees are always so colorful Joan. They really seem to have that tropical feel to them all.

All five crotons are pot plants from an office I worked in, looking sad indoors I was given permission to take them.

All survived with their gorgeous color all year round, very well established 35 years down the line Wanda, I do add bone-meal into the garden every couple of years (dogs have a right royal time so have to dig in slightly).

Wow, that is a good deal for you. The plants look great too, the bonemeal must really help them. Great job Joan!

When I was in Thailand I must have seen these, they are beautiful

They grow even taller in tropical regions by what I understand @wales

Lovely shots of the plants. Orange is a great color and stands out nicely.

Warm orange is everywhere during our winters @redheadpei, I think we get more flowers in winter....

That is a very pretty plant! Nothing like this where I live. I absolutely love the colors!

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They make an interesting indoor plant in colder regions @foxyspirit, offering variety of colours are popular for warm spot in the home.

Enjoying humid conditions placed on a tray with pebbles and water, they will not be over-watered, giving the damp they need to survive.

Ooo I might just look for one to have. They have the fall colours I just love

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Love your photos! You’re making me want to get a croton!

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The are a softwood, but hardy in not needing much attention @cindyhartz