tree tuesday — dreamy thoughts

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Twenty years from now
you will be more disappointed by the things
that you didn't do
than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines.
Sail away from the safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.
H. Jackson Brown Jr., P.S. I Love You

Hold fast to dreams,
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird,
That cannot fly.
Langston Hughes

photo by

Nikon D3100
Nikkor Lens 18-55mm
Location — Kilbride, Ontario
Adobe Lightroom

©All rights reserved, 2018

Thank you @old-guy-photos
for initiating the #treetuesday photo challenge


I love your bicycle photos Deb. I just wish I could get out on mine. Still trying to mend. Hope all is well with you. : )

Aw. Me too...I'm still limping.

I hope you are well soon Deb. :(

meeeee toooooo!!! I tried going for a walk today bc it felt good for the first time in weeks and I got a block away. John and Abbey continued to the park and I limped home and got some ice on it.

I see the orthopedic guy next week for a cortisone shot.

Oh dear, I hope the shot hits the mark. I guess we won't be running marathons right now. I am using an Osteopath so far I believe it is working. I had this problem for years it just hasn't cut me off from walking. You and I are alike I too was feeling less pain in the leg and more into the neck so I started walking a bit today. It is getting better slowly as this is the first night I was able to lay with my leg straight in a month. I am not using any heavy painkillers Doc said NO.

Oh geez....we are so old :) lol. I don't take painkillers either....they make me feel lousy and nauseous anyway.

We'll get there.....or there abouts soon.

I love both those quotes so much. Fabulous photos!!

Those country drives never disappoint!! Thanks Mel. :)

I love this picture with the bike leaning against the tree. Is that one of those ride share bikes? LOL. I always enjoy the quotes you include with your photos. Some of them I’ve heard before most of them I have not. I enjoyed them all.

No, not a share ride bike, unless that was the hope of the owner on the farm....hehe....thank you so much for you kind comments and support :)

Ooh, I really like that first photo. The bicycle looks like a newer model, with those fancy shmancy disk brakes :-) The tree has some interesting textures going on there. Very nice shot.

I didn't even notice the discs on the brakes!!! and I worked every up close and personal with the wheels. tsk. Great eyes....!

Thank you - I like this one as well. I'm kind of proud of it. You know how that is with your own photos. I'm sure you have some that you are very proud off as well.

Ha! My left eye is still puffed up and slimy, so I don't know how great they are. I was just looking close to see if it was an antique or newer bike :-) It's a very nice composition, that photo.

Do you have an infection from your contacts? I used to get debris behind mine and of course either scratch the cornea or grow bacteria. I don't wear them anymore though. I hope your eye clears up soon. I hate slimy eye. ick.

Yes, act today, for we cannot guarantee any tomorrows. If we are blessed to get them, we become to old to enjoy all the things we could have done 20 yrs ago.

Live for today - tomorrow hasn't been given to us yet.

Thanks @trndygran :)

Amazing poem by Brown, so true...I think about that a lot. We do have to live our lives to the fullest. Can't be afraid to just step off of the curb once in a while, that's the toughest step of the journey. Beautiful shots today, so apropo!

Glad you enjoyed it @birdsinparadise.

"Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy." - Leo Buscaglia

Thanks you for liking my photos too :)

I'm going to get a bike
And ride away -
Not tomorrow
And not today,
But soon...
Ride away! sold all your equipment with the roller blades. !! More steem!

So true and well said by H. Jackson Brown Jr...and i love the way you have presented that it gives me that feeling to jump out of my chair and climb a mountain :)

woohoo!!! Go for it!! lol. Glad you liked it. :)

Lovely photo, great skills definitely a dreamy image good luck in the comp

Thanks @melbournewest! I'm so glad you liked the photos.

a like the contrast in the photos. and bikes :)

Thank you so much @norwegianbikeman. You are a bike guy ... :)

Fabulous words of encouragement written by H. Jackson Brown jr. @countrygirl I've left any a safe harbour during my lifetime and although things haven't always worked out as planned, I don't regret for a moment, taking up the different challenges. Far better to follow your dreams than to stop dreaming altogether. Remaining stagnant has never been an option for me. LOVE your bike image resting against that sturdy tree with its wonderful textures. The bike looks as though its having a long rest with the grasses and ivy feeling quite at home amongst the spokes.

Thanks for sharing some life experience @trudeehunter. I too have left that harbor a few times only to get lost....took a lighthouse to guide me back :)

Holding on to hope and dreams keeps us going.

Thank you for your lovely comments. :)

Thank God for the lighthouses placed strategically along our paths @countrygirl Its so important to never stop dreaming. (:

Amazing photos @countrygirl :D Love the green and black.

Yes, this was a fun edit for me. I wanted the photo to look dream like and from another era. Thank you so much!

What a beautiful shot. Looks like a lazy summer afternoon in a bygone era.

Yes! That's what I was going for!! I just needed your words :)

I love how the bike is so casually laid upon the trunk of the tree and the edit is simply divine.

It gives off a certain dreamy-like quality. Oh, how did you do that?

Wonderful photography coupled with perfect words.

Thank you for your lovely critique. This is one of my personal favorite shots - just a recent one.

I edited it in LR. Basically I charged up the WB temperature to yellows - if you are familiar with LR I pushed it to +1250.

The tones were both at 0. Highlights -100, Shadows -79, Whites -15, Blacks +23.

Presence -31, - this is what gave it the dreamy look plus the vibrance -21 and saturation -55. Dehaze -12.

Great recipe right? I kind of played around with it to achieve the look.

You cooked it just right!~

Really dig that timeless vibe of the top post.

Me too!! Thank you so much!

The first shot is classic! It really evokes a feeling or mood, well done!

Thank you so much @keithboone!! That means so much to me.

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Wow lovely photo
And thanks for sharing

Thank you for looking. :)