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... well ... I don't know the exact species ... let's say that is a tree of life ...
( Enlargeable )
... mixed with a bit of death ... hanging in the picture .... I made this Illustration some time ago ... a few years maybe ... and I don't remember why ... I was drawing this vector images only to put them on Shutter stock ... but this one wasn't there ... somehow it got lost in a forgotten folder ....
2 HANGINGtree drugiGIF.gif
... and while I was searching for some tree photographs ... suddenly reappeared ...
... I thought - why not take this lovely tree ... and plant it under this Tuesday tag ...
... so I took the tree ... and all the stuff on it ...
1 HangingTREEprviGIF.gif
... and around it ...
6 HANGING tree shestiGIF.gif
... and tried to reanimate the thing with a bit of animation ...
5 HANGINGtree petiGIF.gif
... and that's it ... this little post is almost over ... hope you enjoyed the picture and its contradictions, the life, the death, the mask and the moon ... THE ( HAPPY ) END.
( As always in these posts on Steemit, the artwork and the GIFwork - is my work )
... I published the post through ... because on Steemit I couldn't upload GIFs and pictures, always that damn Error:objectObject thing ... and now the GIFs are moving when seen through the Busy interface ... but are standing still when I open the post in Steemit ... not my day :(
... OK ... through Steemstem the GIFs are also in motion ... hope you'll be able to see them move :) without the motion all this post ... kind of doesn't make much sense ... AND NOW ALL THIS LAST PART DOESN'T MAKE SENSE :) BECAUSE THE UPLOAD THROUGH STEEMIT GOES SMOOTHLY AGAIN !!! I RE - UPLOADED ALL THE VISUAL STUFF IN THE POST, AND THE GIFs FINALLY LOOK AND MOVE LIKE THEY SHOULD !


This was in the post before ... when I first published ... then when I tried to make things move when in Steemit ... got lost ... and now I can't change the post in ... something about Permalink keeps popping out ... mah, is all messed up ... I will gladly delete all this if I could ... NOPE :D THE THINGS IN THE POST ARE FIXED ! ... but I don't wanna delete this comment ... I'll let it here as a monument to that monumentally frustrating situation !
2 HANGINGtree drugiGIF.gif

This is beautiful...actually :D

:D Now the GIFs are working properly! Your comment brought enough good luck to mysteriously fix that short mysterious Steemit upload malfunctioning ... this is the only logical explanation !

Haha yes, they probably needed some interaction to come alive. On Steempeak they appeared correctly from the beginning :)

Thanks ! Great to hear that :D after all the frustrating upload attempts

The species can only be yggdrasil ;)

Correct species identification! :) Great botanical work!