These are incredible exhibits - I am always so fascinated by bonsai

The bonsai trees on display are beautiful ! I find looking at each of them very soothing... The care and cultivation of each tree must be quite similar to an artform... Very lovely post, @abitcoinskeptic :)

I can totally relate of not being fans of lines! Tree gazing is much more satisfying :D

Thanks! Bonsai is definitely an artform. Also it is a continuous artform because as the tree continues the grow the artist must care for it.

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Those trees were lovely to look at. And I'm sure much more calm and peaceful than the rest of the park. Glad you found a place to sit down and enjoy them. Poor trees, they probably don't get much attention.

Haha trees do fine on their own, but these guys look well cared for. As the famous expression fmgoes we aren't even sure if it makes a sound if no one is there to watch.

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Howdy sir abitcoinskeptic! I think these trees are totally amazing! I've heard they cost a fortune though.
The photos are really good!
Do you do alot of research on cryptos?

Thanks, I think these trees are really expensive, too.

I used to research cryptos a lot more than I do now. Too many came out and I got really bored. A lot of them would be better off simply as tokens and aren't even separate blockchains, one trick ponies so to speak, but you take a risk on their value, would be better begged to another token. I know most of the top 30 very well and even quite a bit of the lower valued ones that have been around for over 2 years.

Howdy today abitcoinskeptic! Do you invest in the top 30? I ask most people on steemit this question and I'm surprised how many say that they are only invested in Steem.

I have btc xrp eth xlm and some neo, i have small amounts of a few others. Ive been invested for one 1.5 years in all of them. I am also invested in two 'index funds' one is called C10 and one is called C20. C20 is not easily bought tgese days, but C10 is brand new and in about a week will be easily to acquire. Check out 'Invictus Capital' if interested. I think it's no worse than throwing everything into btc and may be a little better.

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Howdy again abitcoinskeptic! Well I agree about spreading your investment out. Bitcoin is so expensive that unless you can invest thousands in it I think it would be hard to make alot.
we really like the ones you mentioned though, we have a little in all of them except eth. I'll look up Invictus Capital, thanks for the information!

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Wow! Such a nice collection of bonsai. I have been a fan of many ornamental plants and this is one of those plants that I am fond of. I know it is hard to make one because you need to go to the forest to pick a specimen for you to start your plant.

These plants, there is something fascinating in them. Such trees are so remarkable that you will always appreciate the gift of nature and the talent of the man.

Such a wonderful post.

Thank you so much. I really like plants and gardens, too. I've heard bonsai takes a lot of skill to get it right.

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I love Bonsai trees, and these are absolutely beautiful! I find that they bring a sense of tranquility to the observer..

I hope to visit the Bonsai Tree Exhibit at Everland one day!

Thanks for sharing, @abitcoinskeptic!!!

I always thought bonsai is just in green, never thought there were any other colour like the last purple! Fascinating!

I'm not sure if it is 'traditional' bonsai or not. It's definitely unique.

I agree, it definitely is!

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Bonsai can be used for producing drug, right?

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There is probably a better approach for this activity.

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Some beautiful bonsai trees, love it! 😊🙏

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