Establishing a Pecan Nut tree orchard. Part 14 - It's a war zone!

in trees •  6 months ago

Spring has sprung and everything is bursting into life.

As the trees are starting to put out their leave so are the critters that feed on them emerging.

You can see the damage this beetle has already done.

Buds which have been nibbled in this way emerge all gnarled with damaged leaves.

Not only is there a war between the bugs and the trees there is also a war between the bugs and other bugs.

On this bud a crab spider has taken up residence to strike out at any pesky visitor.

Another spider guards this bud further down the stalk

Its not just an aerial war there are ground forces too.

weeds are germinating and coming up as thick as hair on a dogs back.

Termites are on the march too, after the would chip mulch.

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I have enjoyed your updates. Always wanted to start a tree farm of some type, unfortunately California land is too pricey for my budget. I'll keep dreaming :-).


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Spring images in autumn - nice 😉
These macros are quite good - you got my upvote.

Love your post. This could be my garden. Ha ha. But all critters deserve a place in the sun.

Great photo.

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Good for you, we are doing to have winter soon o_O

Nature surely is amazing but can cause havoc when all you're trying to do is grow some nutz! Have a great day! From Odessa Ukraine - Dan "World Travel Pro!"

if we as a specie could get into eating bugs, it could help in so many ways. maybe some chilli sauce?

Adversity tempereth the soul ......the tares we need to learn to weed......gavvet shall oercome to attain the goal

Love the photos, like from a different planet :-)