Establishing a Pecan Nut tree orchard. Part 13 - Wichita catching up

in trees •  6 months ago

A very welcome sight indeed.

A second variety of the pecan trees is waking up and starting to shoot buds and getting ready to form leaves.

This variety is the orchards main variety called Wichita after the native american tribe of the same name.

In a typical pecan orchard one usually plants at least 2 varieties, so that one acts as the pollinator variety for the other.

In most pecan varieties the female flowers emerge at different times to the male flowers, therefore, you need to have one variety with male flowers and another variety with female flowers at times that overlap to ensure that pollination can take place and nuts will form.

Most orchards have an 80 - 20 split between main variety and pollinator variety. In our case we have three.

Wichita are the main variety with Navaho and Chocktaw as the pollinators.

The Navaho woke up fist last week with most of them now producing buds and the earliest one looking splendid with tiny leaves!

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That crop is in good growth! Now you have to let them do their process and care more than before to see the results a while later, thanks for sharing :)

It is amazing to think of the planning and expertise that goes into cultivating and growing things like Pecans and other crops properly. Without that time and effort, the success of the crops could be so much less.

Only a few people observe and perpetuate this enchanting picture, this pecan tree is seen removing tiny shoots that are very dazzling and their leaves appear to thrive.

i heard that you are on weku also it was nice to see there too