Today, you need 15 EverGreenCoin to plant a tree.

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EverGreencoin is a specific crypto designed to protect the environment. Running on a PoS Blockchain, it requires much less energy than Bitcoin.
When you store (stake) your EGC (EverGreenCoin) in the Blockchain, the staking process pays you an 7 % annual interest on your savings, it is much better than what your bank is doing.

This is why EverGreenCoin has been selected as one of the wallet to be used for the « 2 million trees by 2020 » project.

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To plant a tree with Kedjom-keku in Cameroon, you have to buy 15 EGC, at today exchange rate.
At any moment you can check the price of EGC on

The easiest way to buy ECG is to buy 100 EGC for $10 on the EverGreenCoin website:

Once your wallet is installed with you 100 EGC inside, you only have to send 15 EGC to the “2 Million Tree by 2020” EGC address : EaCqrFc5S2aREkSRPf4WBDMDJRe51beRUf

Each month, I will transmit the collected EGC to Kedjom-keku that will plant trees and restore the Abongphen Highland Forest.
Now you can tell your friends that they can plant trees using cryptos.

The main rule in the crypto economy is to never invest more that what you can afford to loose. It is a risky world.

But it can be a great tool to help nonprofits.

Environmental Computation:

If you stake 220 EGC ( $20) in your wallet
After one year, you will get an interest of 220 * 7 % = 15.4 EGC
More than what you need to plant a tree.
You can keep this interest for you, send it to another nonprofit registered with EverGreenCoin or plant another tree.

If you know someone who want to be a tree ambassador in his/her city, please transmit this link to him/her.

Thank you.