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Everything begins from the release of STEEM ENGINE and their smart contracts side-chain platform for the Steem blockchain. We all could see there are different types of community tokens that came up with different case studies in the last couple of months time on this blockchain.

Therefore, we (myself and few other community friends) decided to create our own Token project named as TRENDO TOKEN [TRDO] by using the SCOT side chain.

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Finding a Case Study

Yeah, this is one of the hardest part when we planned to create our own token project.

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A lot of case studies of building a community project already answered, but finally we came up with below idea of building a community token project as TRENDO:

"TRENDO (TRDO) is a token project that can be used to send incentives to quality content creators, who missed the Trending Page of STEEM based DAPPS."

How To Distribute The Community Token?

Based on our token project case study, we created the TRENDO TOKEN [TRDO]. But we have experienced few difficulties while applying the token distribution methodologies as follows:
  • We won't utilize your STEEM POWER to share our token rewards.
  • We want to find a proper way to utilize our daily reward pool. (In future staking and so on)
  • The token distribution solution should be easy and simple.
  • The curation mechanism should be there.
  • Cost reduction options should apply, due to short on funding, but we want to enhance the performance and etc with future developments.

The Solution?

Yes, we have found a solution. We started working on building a Trendo Token Community Bot Project like you are familiar with one of the well known community bot project DRAMA TOKEN [dRAMA].

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Yes, you heard it correct. We came up with a token project which is functioning a lot similar to DRAMA TOKEN [dRAMA], but let's say this project is a little bit enhanced version of DRAMA.

We would like to use this space to share our gratitude to @whatsup, who gave her enormous support since beginning of the project. And also the support that @neoxian provided us as well.

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  • Maximum Market Supply : 100 Million
  • Current Market Supply : 1.161 Million
  • Maximum Daily Reward Pool : 9,000 TRDO
    • Community Bot Daily Reward Pool (Max) : 3,000 TRDO
    • Staking Daily Reward Pool (Max) : 3,000 TRDO [Not yet implemented]
    • Delegation Daily Reward Pool (Max) : 3,000 TRDO [Not yet implemented]
  • Token Distribution happens as follows :
    • Distribute via Reward Pool : 70 Million (70%)
      • Distribute via Air Drop : 10 Million (10%)
      • Distribute via Community Bot : 20 Million (20%)
      • Distribute via Staking : 20 Million (20%) [Not yet implemented]
      • Distribute via Delegating : 20 Million (20%) [Not yet implemented]
    • Distribute via Developments : 30 Million (30%)
      • Phase one development : 1 Million (1%)
      • Phase two development : 2 Million (2%)
      • Phase three development : 7 Million (7%)
      • Further developments : 20 Million (20%)
"Yes, we have a plan to expand the developments of this token project and combined with few other token projects as well. Therefore, 20% of the developers funds will stay out of distribution or it will send to the @null."

How Community Bot Works?

I hope most of STEEMIANS know how DRAMA TOKEN [dRAMA] bot works. Yes, we are methodologically doing the same thing, but with a different script that developed by @ali-h and @swapsteem.

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  • You can use any of below symbol at the comment section to call the bot to reward original posts only:
    • $trendotoken
    • !trendotoken
    • $trdo
    • !trdo
  • Your account must hold (won't stake) 100 TRDO to call the bot.
  • Reward distribute as follows:
    • Original Content Creator (Author) : 6 TRDO
    • Reward Sender (Caller) : 4 TRDO
  • Maximum token rewards distribute per day : 3,000 TRDO
  • Maximum successful reward distribution calls per day : 10
  • Reward Comments : No

When TRENDO TOKEN (TRDO) Airdrop Happens?

We already started manual airdrop of TRENDO TOKEN [TRDO]. By commenting under this post you are eligible to join the current manual Airdrop as well. But our major Airdrop will happen soon. (We are still working on that script)

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But we would like to share a small clue, the major airdrop probably work with your PAL stake as well.

Do You Need to Know More?

Please, don't hesitate to contact me here or at Discord App, (theguruasia#8947).
theguruasia at STEEMIT.COM
theguruasia at PALNET.IO
theguruasia at NEOXIAN.CITY

Exciting project and it looks like you've planned it out well beyond! :)

dRAMA and I wish you great success!


Without your support and contribution this might not happen! Therefore, thank you very much and really appreciate your continuous support that given to this project!


Seems like an exciting project and best wishes for your project.

Thank you very much for the support bro!


Looks like an interesting project and congratulations for the success of phase 1. And all the best for future developments.

Thank you for the nice comment. Manual airdrop happened on your acc too. Enjoy!


Looks like a great project and I wish you all the best

Thank you very much for the support and here I sent you a manual airdrop of TRDO to your account. Enjoy!


Sounds like something that can enrich our ecosystem. Good deal!

I think I just night send an SFR vote this way to supplement mine. ✌️

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Thank you for your support, here I am sending a manual Airdrop to you now.


seems to be an excellent project, I wish you all the best, I hope to receive more information and updates regarding the progress of the project. Greetings

Thanks for your comment. We already finished our manual airdrop and Pal stakers airdrop! Probably the free ways to earn token is finished!
By the way you can get more news by visiting this account @trendotoken


Thank you much for the drop

I don't think we did an airdrop to your account ;) Anyway you are welcome!


Congratulations on the phase 1!
Amazing introduction to the project. Amazing

Bro without you phase #1 also impossible to archive!


This is exciting!! Phase one success...congratulations!

Thank you and now Phase #2 developments started! Enjoy manual airdrop!


Thank you so much!

I like where this is going @theguruasia and would love an airdrop! More importantly, like to give you a channel in my Token Town discordwhere token owners and fans gather. Feel free to jump in! We can see if we can give it a boost.

Thank you for inviting me to that server and I also joined too! Sent you tokens from Manual airdrop! Appreciate your support towards us!


Finally getting a chance to read over what you have here. I like where this is going. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it but this seems great.

Thank you for the inspiration you are given to us!


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Thank you for informing this. Here you are eligible to join the manual airdrop of TRDO! Enjoy!


Exciting times ahead, I would love to join the journey.
Congratulations on the progress so far!

Thank you for the wishes, here sent you the manual airdrop tokens!


You're upping the drama to new levels! Have a DRAMA.

To view or trade DRAMA go to

Thank you for distributing a dRAMA with me. Here you get the airdrop of TRDO. Enjoy!


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sounds interesting...