Mérida-Venezuela a magical place to visit

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Hello friends of steemit, I share this publication of my experience in my trip to the city of Mérida-Venezuela, a tourist paradise that you can not miss. Today I bring you some pictures of the Stone Chapel.

Chapel of Stone Juan Félix Sánchez


The Chapel of Stones was built by the Venezuelan artist Juan Félix Sánchez based on rocks, shells and cement and was declared a cultural heritage of Venezuela.
It is located on the side of the road in the town of San Rafael de Mucuchíes, it can not go unnoticed because when we go to the city of Mérida we have to pass by the side of the stone chapel. It is very visited, in addition they prepare some delicious strawberries with creams, the best and the hot chocolate is unique, the best that I have had in Mérida.




fotgrafía tomada por @ysaiasnunez

Photograph of the side of the stone chapel, as you can see is a place visited by tourists.



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samsung camera pl 120
Lens: Samsung 4.7-23.5mm/1:3.3-5.9/26mm
Locación: Mérida- Venezuela

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