Quick Тravel Photo Contest, Edition #16

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Hi, friends!

Welcome to Quick Тravel Photo Contest #16


Let's have fun, share our visual memories from our travels, enrich the STEEM community and earn along the way!

What is Travel Photography? It is that type of the Eight Art where we capture culture, people, landscapes, objects, cityscapes, customs, traditions, events, history, etc. and we express our feeling of the time and the place we visited. We all love it, right? ;)


  • Comment under this post with one travel photo:
    • Only one entry per participant
    • You have exactly 24 hours to participate
    • Use ONLY your own original work, photos will be checked and plagiarism will be flagged and reported
    • No NSFW images
    • Adding your personal touch, a short story, the location, EXIF data, etc. is not obligatory but will definitely make your entry much more appealing and increase your chances of success ;)
    • If your comment contains more than one image I will consider only the first one. You may create a separate post with your photo if you wish, of course!
  • No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow required. Of course, all the help and support you give is greatly appreciated and absolutely voluntary.

As you probably know, I am a professional photographer, so please show me your good stuff, I will be looking for things like story-telling, composition, quality, etc. May the best win!

The winner gets 1 SBI share

If you are not familiar with the SBI initiative, check out their blog @steembasicincome. Generally, it is upvotes on your posts for life, a great concept indeed!

All previous participants, you are more than welcome to enter again: @ackhoo, @angelro, @assokenay, @axeman, @ayjoe, @bonp, @brittandjosie, @browery, @boddhisattva, @bwar, @captainklaus, @careassaktart, @davedickeyyall, @drakernoise, @drazeus, @ewkaw, @fleur, @fotostef, @harveyword, @healthandfitness, @joelai, @jpphotography, @khaimi, @lighteye, @libertycrypto27, @mango-juice, @manoldonchev, @marc-allaria, @obelus, @olivia08, @pardinus, @priyanarc, @qwerrie, @rem-steem, @rosatravels, @siavashgh, @sina-adventure, @smalltall, @tggr, @trincowski, @victorbz, @worldcapture

The winner from the last Quick Тravel Photo Contest is @manoldonchev! I love the colorfulness of this long exposure picture, well done!

Thank you for all the support!

Have a great day!

Copyright: Damian Hadjiyvanov, Light Captured
Any ideas how to improve this contest? Do you want to become a sponsor? Would you like to help in any way?
Don't hesitate to drop me a message on Discord: lightcaptured#2698


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Jumpai Beach, Klungkung Bali, with black sand

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Thank you!


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cheers, bless up

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Hey @ayjoe, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!


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black sand might be hilarious!

Screenshot 20.png

@manoldonchev, cheers! :)

Thanks for the prize!

Here's my new entry:


We're still in Istanbul, (once Constantinople).

Well deserved, thank you for your entry, again!

As the second participant today, here is a complimentary:


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Hey @manoldonchev, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

hi! heres my entry:
famouse 'white nights' at Neva river, St.Petersburg, Russia
taken with Canon 350d +50mm 1.4

Hi and thanks for your entry!

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Thank you 😊📷👍

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The Four

Traveling up the Nile with small cruise shit is pretty easy and slow, but fun. You can seat all day long on the upper deck and see how changing the landscape around. Happens to pass via small villages alongside with some nice authentic buildings and boats. Here is one of the frames with nicely placed colorful boats usual for Egypt

Enjoy the view!


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!


Thank you ☺️📷🙏

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Thank you so much for your support!

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This is the Port of CEBU CITY PHILIPPINES, the second main city near to our province Bohol Island. We can go here from Bohol within 35 minutes via FAST CRAFT sea trip.

Thank you @lightcaptured

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