Travel Pro Places of Interest #93: Prazska Trznice Market in Prague Czech Republic! Part Three (10 photos)

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Hey there my Steemit friends! In this Travel Pro Places of Interest Series we focus on specific places of interest for a given location. This may come in the form of parks, museums, markets, beaches, cathedrals, and much more. Always an interesting series and always informative!

I just love markets. After traveling the world for well over a decade I've learned that the market is one of the best places to visit if you really want to know a place, people, and culture. One thing all people around the world have in common is they have to eat!

This need to eat brings people together. If you can't sit down with them at their own dinner table in the privacy of their home and have a conversation, the next best way to get to know them is to go to the market. Markets around the world are very social places. It's a place where people are often in a good mood. They anticipate interacting with others while shopping for that special meal they plan to prepare later that day.

Many from the west have gotten used to huge markets like Wal-Mart and Cosco with minimal social interaction. You load up your cart and often you can do a self check out and have no social interaction at all! However in most of the rest of the world things are much more personal and intimate.

In markets all over the planet you will often have dozens if not hundreds of small business owners eager to interact with you on one level or another. Samples are handed out with a smile. As the foreigner sometimes the interactions are unique, memorable, and special. I was given a free bottle of beer at this market just for being me!

Besides being able to mingle with the locals, you also get a chance to learn about their food culture. You see what's on the menu, what's available, and what is grown and produced locally. You'll learn about what foods the country does well, and maybe not so well. Prague has a great selection of European food; excellent cured meat, cheese, and produce. When you see the prices, keep in mind it's 22 Czech Koruna to the dollar. Now come along in this six part series and let's have a closer look at the Prazska Trznice Market in Prague Czech Republic!

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Video/Photo Credit: World Travel Pro!

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What a wonderful #MarketFriday post! I was hoping that you would find a good one to show off and I must admit, you did not disappoint!

Prague really has a plethora of foods from all over the continent, don't they? The fruit is fresh looking and the market looks clean and tidy. Was the sliced watermelon more expensive than the whole? The mushrooms are varied and plenty for sure! I have to wonder if the vendor picked some of them himself? I get out in the woods and look at the 'shroons and wonder if they are good to eat or not. Best leave that to the experts!

It really looks like a most delightful place to do my shopping! Thanks for bringing this to the platform!

Can I ask you to drop your link here so all the posts will be in the same spot! Much appreciated!

Upped and Steemed



Thanks Denise. Just dropped the link. Glad you like my market posts. You're support is greatly appreciated. Prague is a great place to eat well. I believe the sliced melon was a bit more expansive than the whole one. But it's all a great value in this part of the world. Have a great day and steem on! From Chiang Mai Thailand! -Dan


it is my pleasure

It is an amazing Friday market there @world-travel-pro lots of goodies that we can buy.


Indeed it is. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment. Hope you are doing well.

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I like the perspective that visiting the markets is a way of getting to know people, and you are right ... These fruits look fresh and beautifully colored.


Thank for the nice comment. The markets are the best place to take in a countrie's culture; at least that is what I have found. Have a great day! -Dan

wow... that's a really cool shot... like to see more like this... which Cam did you use? wishes from the south


I used my huawai phone! Nothing special. Thanks for the kind words. Hope to see you again soon. Have a great day!

-From Chiang Mai Thailand,


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