the pure white cave of ice

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the pure white cave of ice

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Meltwater on a glacier often forms a network of small, dendritic rivers as it flows, sometimes meandering and sometimes diving into the ice.On some glaciers with large areas of meltwater, rivers within the ice are particularly developed.When rivers flow from the tip of the tongue, they often erode into deep holes in the ice.The mouth of the cave is like a low or high archway of an ancient city.

which is as white as milk.When the glacier breaks, entering the ice cave is like entering a crystal palace.Some glaciers, through the tunnel in the ice hole, can go all the way to the bottom of the glacier.Ice caves are simple, there are dendritic, the hole inside the hole.In the cave, icicles stand in great Numbers, the ice clock hanging, hole wall very beautiful pattern.Some of the exits of the caves hang high on the ice cliffs, creating spectacular waterfalls of ice water.

From the position of the ice cave, it is analyzed that this area was once a karst area in geological period, and it has experienced the warm and humid climate, gradually forming limestone cave.And the region, once the mountain glaciers in the development zone, in the quaternary glacial and interglacial period, a lot of snow and glacier melt water and broken ice accumulated in the cave, even after the complex physical change,

melting and condensation, coupled with the continuous infiltration of atmospheric precipitation, form various forms of ice material in the caves widespread phenomenon - ice formation;In the later years, due to the local special terrain, climate and other natural geographical factors, the cave was effectively preserved.The formation of ningwu ice cave is the result of karst, glaciation and environmental factors.

All the year round, the cave is always kept at around zero, the hole inside the hole is completely different from the world outside.

Yan peng, after graduation came to work in ningwu county tourism bureau, after he overheard this legend, like exploration since childhood he decided to take advantage of the work, looking for the magic cave in this legend.As the days passed, yan peng climbed many nearby mountains, still without any clue.However, just as he was getting discouraged and ready to give up, an accident occurred: one day, he and his companions went to the local guanyin mountain, and when they climbed a hill,

they were surprised to find that there was a hole in the shadow of the mountain, and what happened next surprised everyone.

More than a year of longing, let yan peng forget the fear and danger, he is determined to explore the hole.Yan peng said that they went down the hole, the ice hole under the dark,

the bottom of the foot slippery no place to climb, anyway by the rope above, more or less can adhere to the ice wall.Then I got to a slightly open place, got my footing, took the torch and looked around.Everyone was shocked. It was as if they were in a crystal palace. There was a world of ice everywhere: icicles, icicles, icicles, icicles, icicles.

Yan peng was completely absorbed, until his feet felt frozen and he found that he had been in the cave for more than two hours. The thermometer clearly showed that the temperature in the cave was around zero, which was more than 20 degrees different from that outside the cave in early summer.In the following days, yan peng respectively in different seasons through the ice cave, he found that the cave seems to remain at zero forever, the hole hole outside the hole is completely different worlds.

in July and August, the outside of the cave is full of flowers and trees, but inside the cave is solid ice,' Mr. Yan said.In winter, it is quite cold outside the cave, almost reaching more than minus 30 degrees Celsius, wearing a coat, inside the cave, because there is no wind, but much warmer than outside the cave, there is a feeling of winter warm summer cool.

News of an ice cave in ningwu county on a hot summer day has caused a stir, with many people speculating about the real cause of the phenomenon.

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