Wander with us to: Christmas Time in Hong Kong

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'Tis the season! 🎄

Only 20 days until Christmas! It's our most enjoyed festive time as it means it's h-o-l-i-d-a-y time! Semi-holiday for us anyway as we (wanderwithtwo) have between 1 - 2 weeks off work during this time and most our time is spent with beloved family and friends whilst we feast, feast and feast! ... and the occasional bargain shopping in between as the end of year sales happen on Boxing Day onwards.

We were lucky to have come across the early Chirstmas decorations while we were in Hong Kong! There's ALWAYS really, really cute decorations up in Hong Kong shopping centres. The themes are usually of some of Hong Kong's favourite cartoons. We've previously come a cross some like Hello Kitty, Snoopy and Keroppi. This time we came across the Christmas-themed Disney Tsum Tsum in the Langham Place shopping mall.

It's called the Tsum Tsum Christmas Market as they sell a few merchandises such as kicthenware, homeware, toys and many little and cute collectables. There was a HUGE crowd earlier in the night so we took photos from outside and walked off to do some shopping instead. However, it was too cute to resist and a shame to not walk through so we braved the crowds near the time when the shops were closing and there were 'less' people.

Whoops, Minnie Mouse looks a bit depressed in the last picture - if you can spot her.

A lot of bright colours, pretty lights and cute baubles hanging from the ceiling too! If you're ever in Hong Kong, these Tsum Tsums will be around until I think the 1st of January 2019 and it doesn't cost a cent to walk through so do check it out!

!steemitworldmap 22.318085 lat 114.168723 long Langham Place Hong Kong D3SCR


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Welcome back you guys! Look time no post 😊

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yes, it's been a long long time. glad to be back!

I think you're pretty brave braving even sparse crowds XD I think I'm too old and cranky to understand tsum-tsums. My daughter and her friends bought a couple but after that I haven't seen any around here for a while.

I wonder how long all those decorations took to set up O_O


It got frustrating after not being able to take some decent photos without someone jumping in the shot ^^" and yes, the decorations looked amazing and now you've mentioned it, we too wonder how long it took to set up!