Three-day 🚵‍♀️ cycling 🚵‍♂️ through Aytos area in Bulgaria

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Two weeks ago, with my friends, we launched a great three-day trip with our bikes through Aytos area in Bulgaria.



With our bikes, we started our trip from the village Topolitsa.


The name of the village gives the numerous poplars planted for decades (the old name of the village is "Kavak Mahala", which is "popular neighborhood" in Turkish).



Above the village is the highest peak in the region - Ostritsa (666 m high). Towards this peak we headed.

We started about 7 km of hill climbing. There was a slight rain on the way.

When we reached the highest point, the view was superb.


We headed to one of the wind generators and made a short break, enjoying the view.




Soon we got on the bikes and headed for the Byala reka (White river). There was a 3 km downhill.

The cozy hut with a wooden bridge and a creek was waiting for us.


The next morning, we had breakfast with Marto's mekitsa and pick up our the bikes again.


Our goal was to take a ride around the area and get to the village of Zaychar.




Along the way, besides unique views, there were: herbs, flowers and mushrooms.







On the way, we passed through a large shelter that was well maintained years ago.





When we went to the village Zaychar we were cycling around and then we had a short rest.





After returning to the camp, more our friends had arrived, and the children happily played on the river.








We prepared a table and spent the rest of the day great.

The next day we had to go back home. We decided that the trip would be in a direction to Aytos.


We went through pretty muddy stretches.



We reached a stone quarry surrounded by beautiful yellow flowers.




We saw tufts from the unique Aytos wedge (Genger)



Genger in translation from the local dialect means a prickly bush. The Latin name of this plant is prickly graceful.

There is no such shrub anywhere in the world. Аttempts have been made to planting other places in Bulgaria, but the bush does not survive. It exists only in the mountains of Aytos.


We went up to the height of Hisarya, from where the beautiful view made us hold our breath.




We headed down to Aytos, where everybody went back home.



Relive from 3-rd day

I hope you enjoyed our adventure :)

Thank you for stopping by!


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I think it was great and very interesting trip!

Thank you @gritata :) 👍 Have a great day ahead!

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Some lovely snap and a really inspiring journey like a photo story, It is nice to have such lovely friends as shown in the last snap for such energy consuming trips.When family is around it would looks more meaningful.

And you were got some really natural friendly places for your stay.

I am not sure but it seems the lights on almost all photos seems to be slighly more. Anyhow it is a good story nevertheless...

Thanks for the comment @angelro. Yes, trips are always more enjoyable and meaningful when shared with friends. I'm glad you like the places and the story 🙂👍

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That was some photographs and the photos were looks great. You can make second edition of that blog with the remaining snaps if you likes.. Even a third one hehehe

Yes, I already thought about this 👍 Have a great weekend @angelro 🙂

Wonderful trip and choice of sights and views :) Congrats!

Thank you very much @manoldonchev :)

hey @vesytz, a really nice post! first of all, I must confess that I didn't know where the area of Aytos was so I went to see on google maps. you have documented the journey with beautiful photographs and many details. nice to be able to share these experiences with friends! are you fit for the bike? do you do it often? I have zero resistance: after 10 minutes my knees scream, and my heart bursts :-)) congratulations

Hi @road2horizon :) I'm glad you like my post! I ride my bike almost every day. I like to do this, especially with friends. Thank you so much for the comment :)

Thank you for sharing/ through the pictures I felt like I was on the adventure too.

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Thank you @missaj 🙂👍 I'm glad you like our adventure 🙂

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Wonderful, thank you for sharing it! 👏💯📷🍻

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Thank you very much @lightcaptured 🙂

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Thank you very much @travelfeed !

Looks like a great place to go off road biking. I didn't realise you had so many people with you and what a great way off spending time with friends. The whole place looks beautiful and just so unspoiled. It is like nothing has been touched for years.

Hi @cryptoandcoffee 🙂! It is really a great place to cycling off-road 👍. I like to spend my free time with friends, especially in such places 😍. Thank you for the comment!

Looks like you had a nice adventure, those places are wonderful. I'm not sure I would be able to ride the bike for such a long trip but I'd like to visit one day.

Hi @erikah! It was a really nice adventure. It would be great if you made such a trip 👍😍 Thank you for the comment!

My pleasure, have a nice evening :)

Thank you @erikah! I wish you too nice evening :)

Thank you.

Лудница трип и снимки! ;)
Мекиците на Марто са били добри също...
Като цяло много ме кефи вашата тайфа с колелетата :) иска ми се и аз да имам такива приятели - готови за път....

Здравей @trayan! 🙂 Марто от вечерта подготви тестото и на сутринта приготви мекиците. Много е добър в направата на хлябове и фокачи 🥖 и редовно ни изненадва с продукти приготвени с квас. Иначе ако имаш желание за каране на велосипед - добре си дошъл да покараш с нас 🙂

О благодаря за поканата @vesytz! ;)
Моят байк не е от най-добрите, но факта че отдавна не съм го карал дори и в града (а преди си летях насам-натам) ме кара да се замисля и да позагрея...
Може пък да комбинирам идването на SunTribe феста в Отманли с такова пътешествие... Ще го кача и него на влака и така :)
И без това съм жаден за приключения :)
Лека вечер!

Тази година може и ние да отидем до SunTribe феста в Отманли. Ще се чуваме като наближат датите :)

Мдам, направо натам с колелетата от Бургас и после обратно ;)

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Thank you very much @c-squared 🙂😍

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