Enjoy the beauty & Splendor at Maimun Horas Palace, Medan.

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This Is A Photo Of Me Along With Another Entourage When Visiting At Mainmun Palace.

Maimun Palace is one of the tourist destinations for visitors who want to see directly this building with the hope of increasing insight and knowledge of the architectural splendor and the yellow building, why with the yellow color? because that is the characteristic of Malay citizens.

I took this picture from a Samsung Galaxy Prime smartphone and I have also posted it on the Steemit Account @wahyudisigli

When I and together with other groups visited the palace place, a lot of new experience and knowledge that I gained among them was that I could see the grandeur of the Maimun palace directly, because before I visited this place I had only heard and seen it only through local local media, ..! .. But when I visited this place it turned out to be true. The grandeur and architecture of the royal empire building of this deli empire made me amazed and wanted to return to this place, of course, if there is an opportunity and time that allows. although only to see and feel the panoramic beauty and splendor that is inside and outside the palace. And below this is a picture of me and my best friend when we were both seated in the exact chair in the palace of the king's almighty.

This picture when I and my best friend sat in a chair precisely inside the palace Maimun

I have posted this photo on the Steemit Account @wahyudisigli

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Actually there are many other interesting and special things that we can find both inside the palace and outside the palace, one of which is historical objects which are then enshrined in the maimun palace. Among the historical objects are as in the picture post mentioned above! Life and makes me want to go back to visit this tourist spot on time, day and on other occasions

Photographs of Photos of Me and My Other Friend’s Companions when Visiting the Maimun Palace at the End of December 2019

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