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RE: 18th Century Charm with 21st Century Amenities

in #travelfeedlast year

Thanks a lot for this in depth look around Publick House! It's certainly very grand looking from the outside and on the inside, even more so! I do like how the room you stayed in (the Country Lodge) makes you feel as though you are really out in the middle of the forest, must have felt quite serene!

And yes, I'd definitely go along to the Bake Shoppe for sure! Us Brits love a bit of cake haha!


They did serve tea too, but you know how the water is never quite hot enough to get the perfect flavor from the tea!

Haha yea I know what you mean! I was up in Yorkshire last weekend and arguably the best tea going there. Just the sound of the water flowing out into the cup... Magic 😁

Yes, water from an urn that has been standing for a few hours doesn’t exactly make the best tea. I drink tea all the time at home - except for my morning coffee - but never drink tea when I’m out anywhere here!

Haha too right! Feels like a cardinal sin when it's not done properly doesn't it?! You can take Britain away from the Brit but you can't take the Brit away from Britain :D

Oh, so true! I do love my tea.

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