Discovering Serbia (part one)

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I wanted to make this post yesterday but I was too tired to, because my friends and I went to see beautiful Krupajsko vrelo and waterfall Veliki Buk that is placed near town Milanovac in Serbia.

Welcome to my photo journey. :)

Our first stop was Krupajsko vrelo. It's placed 220m above sea level and it's beautiful ecological oasis. It took us about 3 hours to get there but it was well worth it. There is a wellspring that has little stream of water and cave inside but you can't get into it because water is too cold and it's forbidden.


This wellspring has beautiful blue color tint that is pretty clear so you can see what is underneath water. I think I read that depth of this wellspring is about 1.7m but water temperature is about 10 degrees or maybe even lower than that.


This place is surrounded by the trees and untouched nature. Surprisingly there are not a lot of people here so it's very pleasing and quiet there and perfect for taking photographs with tripod and making long exposures.


Here are some details that I took that look awesome. :)






Our next station was waterfall called Veliki Buk which will be in my next post so stay tuned for that, you will be amazed by beautiful untouched nature. :)


Thank you for stopping by! :)

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Serbia is so beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing that! What a place 😱😱😱😱😱

Thank you very much, it really is. :)

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This looks like beyond imagination

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It really is, if you ever come to Serbia I suggest you this place to see. There are also few more waterfalls nearby this place. :)

That I can try, we have lots of waterfalls in Himalayas. What settings you used to get this?

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I guess you have much better waterfalls than we. :D I used shutter priority because I wanted to create smoothness. It was ISO 100, f/22 and around 0.8s or even faster.

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Those photos with glasses are great! I've seen photos with crystal balls before and now I started to see photos with glasses. I love the creativity that keeps coming in photography.

You were lucky that there were not that many people and your photos are of course amazing. The water is so clear and the color is stunning. Pity that it's too cold but I assume that maybe it is forbidden to swim there anyway, isn't it?

Thank you for sharing and I wish you a very nice and relaxing evening!

Thank you very much for your comment! I just saw that my friend has glasses and I tried something different and I guess it worked pretty well. :D
I have never seen clear water like this, I was amazed by it and its color that was casting. :)

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Thank you @curie! :)

it's a wonderful place, another destination to put on the wish list !! I love nature, especially when it is a bit wild and hidden from most people. your photos are beautiful, it seems to be there! at what time of year of the state? or do you live there? congratulation .-))

Thank you very much. I live in Serbia but I've never discovered its beauty, it's summer here. :)

it is always like this: when we live in a place it is the last that we go to visit because we think it is always available to them, and we prefer to go far! but the time also comes to discover one's own land .-))

This looks to be in a special location, must be in a remote and forest like place as it seen from the picture on both sides, moreover you already mentioned that it is having a cave. The water flow looks with slow stream seems to be different too.

But what is more getting noticed is the crystal clear and almost stationary like water that has been able to see through it what is inside till the depth where stones are visible. Pictures through your specs too looks great.

Over all it is a good post, Cheers

Thank you very much. I highly suggest you to visit this place if you come to see Serbia. :) It's about 2 hours long ride from capital city Belgrade. :)

I wish one day I could, Thanks for the invitation... Do you make arrangements to host me...hehehe

Hahaha, why not :D

Oh my goodness - this is picture-postcard stuff!! And suddenly really makes my feet itch. :)

We know so little about Serbia, beyond a patchy history of the war. I appreciate and enjoy meeting this country at face value, if you will, through photographs. It matters to somehow gain a fresh perspective of a place I grew up hearing awful stories about.

I totally love the way your images moved form the macro to noticing the details of the little fern (my favourite) and the duck. The contrasts in perspectives made the whole post "pop".

Being on the @steemitworldmap? Yay! I started using it YESTERDAY and think it's a wonderful project.

Please call in for a coffee anytime you're in my Northern Thai 'neighbourhood' - or perhaps I will have a chance to meet you at #SF4 in Bangkok. I hope so!!

Thank you! :D
You will be amazed by the beauty of Serbia and its nature. I highly suggest you to visit this place. :)

I would like to visit Thailand but I guess it's pretty hard for me because for that trip I need a lot of money just for plane tickets. :D

Maybe you will amaze yourself and do a HUUUUGE overland trip ... find yourself somewhere much, much closer and finish the last bit with a $25 flight to Thailand. LOL. It could happen. Or steem will shoot to the moon and you will buy yourself a first class ticket. That one I like more. :)

Who knows, maybe some day. :D

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The photos of the spring are stunning, especially the first one that took my breath away. I was expecting farmland for some reason. I do not know one thing about Serbia except from this post, but that place looks like a tropical jungle fairy land, and I know you are much farther north (google maps, lol).

The first overflow looks like someone built a wall, but I think it must be natural. I wonder too about the edge where you or your friend is standing.

I guess the cute duck is not bothered by cold water!

Our country is full of these springs and waterfalls that I haven't seen yet, there are a lot of places in my country that are in my bucket list.

Thank you very much for your comment! :)