Just A Glimpse Of The Med Sea - Andalucia, Southern Spain

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Torrox Costa, Andalucia


Hey Guys!

The other day, I made an errand to go to the german butcher which is located a few steps from the beach. It is one of the shops that is just next to the beach. I stopped-by the car near a space overlooking the Med Sea. It is one area of the long nine Kilometers beach track that is part of Torrox Costa.


Two Town Areas

The town is divided into two areas namely Torrox Pueblo and Torrox Costa... the costa is one of the more famous areas of Torrox. Here you can find a long promenade that stretches from El Penoncillo ( East side) til El Morche ( Malaga direction). You can jog or simply take a long walk passing 10 beaches side by side along the 9 kilometers of its coast. In the promenade, you will be passing arrays of tapa bars, restaurants, snack bars, coffee shops and many more to suit your sports pace. So anytime you can sit a while fronting the beach and enjoy your coffee or ice cream.


On weekends, the locals come to the coast with their family and have their lunch mostly in Grill Restaurants. Either its fish, beef steak or whatever, you will surely enjoy the food plus the view towards the sea.


Too Cold To Swim During Wintertime

At this time of the year, few tourists come to the town as the water is cold for swimming. Other tourist come mainly to escape cold Northern and Central Europe and trekking or inlands trips are programmed by certain communities to its members .. It is way milder by 10°C compared to the temps of European cold countries. The snow is so seldom to come here and if so, that would only be in the higher regions of Torrox. The best time to come here is between September and February. This is also the reason why we come here and stay for at least 4-5 months in a year. I will be making a more description of the town and its facilities when I have the done the photoshoots of the whole town.

Happy Sunday everyone !!!

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