Hero of the Soviet Union Kirill Vasilievich Bochkovich

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Kirill Vasilievich Bochkovich

Today we recall Kirill Vasilyevich Bochkovich. The hero of the USSR was born in 1918, in the small village of Savran (now: the Village of the City Type). At that time, Savran was part of the Baltic county, Podolsk province. He comes from ordinary people. His father was an ordinary peasant.

Heroes are always alive

Kirill Vasilievich was drafted into the armed forces of the USSR in 1939. He got into the fleet. Being a fighter of the Navy, he enters and successfully graduates from the electromechanical school of the Black Sea Fleet.

Participation in the Great Patriotic War

Heroes of the Great Patriotic War

Bochkovich takes part in the battles against fascism from the first days of the war. He fought on the Voroshilov cruiser. He was part of the destroyer squad “Bodry” and “Frunze”. These ships were part of the Black Sea Fleet.

In May 1943 he was promoted and appointed deputy. The commander of the air defense platoon 384 battalion of the Marine Corps. Already in the autumn of that year, he took part in landing operations to liberate cities such as Taganrog, Osipenko and Mariupol.

In March 1944, he became a member of the landing group, commanded by senior lieutenant Konstantin Fedorovich Olshansky. The brigade had the task of easing the frontal strike of the troops of the Soviet Union during the operation to liberate Nikolaev. Let me remind you that the struggle for this southern city was part of the Odessa operation.

The detachment landed in the port of Nikolaev. Then they were able to gain a foothold and repel 18 attacks of the Nazis. During the battles, they were able to destroy 700 opponents. Immediately after the operation, he returned to the 384th Marine Corps Battalion.

Death and memory

Kirill Vasilyevich died on August 24, 1944. He took part in the landing operation in the area of ​​the village of Zhebryaina - this is the Kili region of Odessa region.

April 20, 1945, the foreman of the 2nd article Bochkovich was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Pay attention to the fact that Kirill Vasilievich was the only fighter who was not wounded during the liberation of Nikolaev.

In addition, he was awarded the Golden Star, the orders of Lenin and the Red Banner. He was also awarded with medals of various degrees.

The memory of the hero is respected today. In Savran, on the territory of the school square, a monument to the Hero of the USSR was erected. In Podolsk (formerly Kotovsk) a street was named in honor of Kirill Vasilyevich Bochkovich, located on the territory of the Sugar Plant microdistrict. In addition, here, near the City House of Culture, a bust of the Hero is installed. Separately, I note that the bust is also installed near school number 4, which is located on Zaslonov Boulevard.

In Nikolaev there is a square named after the airborne brigade that liberated the city. A monument to the Hero of the USSR is erected on its territory.

We remember the deeds of our ancestors. We believe that they should honor their memory and tell their descendants about the feat of the grandfathers, fathers and sons of our homeland. They gave their lives for our future. The memory of the heroes is eternal! Glory to the Heroes of the Motherland! Forever and ever - Glory!

Near the monuments there are always many tourists who do not miss the opportunity not to present flowers and salute the heroes of the Great Patriotic War!

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