" October Feast " The 39th Masskara Festival in Bacolod City

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source :https://web.facebook.com/masskaralive/photos/a.10152767563298518/10156664276323518/?type=3&theater

Welcome to the City of Smiles the Bacolod and let me give you some useful information regarding with the upcoming " Masskara Festival " next month. The said festivity is a celebration to all Bacolodnon's ( people of Bacolod ) we are also inviting other community from other cities, municipalities, nearby provinces and even foreign countries. That always participates during this event and enjoy the celebration together with us.
" Kari na kamo sa Bacolod kag mag sinadya na kita upod sa mga Masskara " The famous tagline that we use to invite visitor which means " Come and visit Bacolod then lets enjoy together with the Masskara.

History and Definition :

As far as I know Masskara is a festival celebrated in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. The idea of this festival is originated from the " Sakada " Sugarcane laborers that are working under " Hacienderos " or the Landlord in Negros. The load of work to these laborers requires extreme actions as they harvest multiple hectares a day using their " Sanggot " or reaper, " Spading/bolo/Binangon " or machetes and they are earning centavos. The low income from being Sakada's manifested famines and scarcity by means of providing food to themselves. Then group people from differents communities who are working as skilled laborers created the festival by wearing smiling mask to hide their sadness, worries, problem, and other negatives vibes. By simply wearing the mask while participants dancing to the beat of music they can forget these things causes stress to every '' Sakadas " during that time.
Masskara derived from two words Mass - many and Kara - faces means Masskara is a celebration of many faces.

Disclaimer / source : https://web.facebook.com/masskaralive/photos/a.10150945963983518/10156734552348518/?type=3&theater

Festival Highlights

October 8, 2018
Festival Opening
October 26 , 2018
Electric Masskara Performing Floats Competition

October 27 , 2018

Street dance Arena
Competition, School Category
Electric Masskara Performing Floats Competition

October 28 , 2018

Street dance Arena
Competition, Barangay Category
Electric Masskara

Important Reminders :

  • Don't wear valuable things during the highlights
  • Wear comfortable and ventilated shirts
  • Apply sunscreens if you are skin conscious
  • don't wear slippers if you have plan to walk together with the crowd
  • bring enough water
  • refrain from wearing large backpacks ( During at night you cannot enter to crowded events )
  • Secure your pockets/wallets/money
  • No need to wear jewelries
  • Keep an eye to your children if you have plan to bring them
  • follow the rules if you are entering to an event that requires frisking
  • Bring your umbrella's for unexpected rainfall ( optional )
  • Bring your camera's, while taking stunning photos or cool videos during the Masskara event
  • Lastly, don't forget to enjoy and have some fun, feel free to act like a kid

source : https://web.facebook.com/masskaralive/photos/a.10150945963983518/10156589842493518/?type=3&theater

" Kari na kamo sa Bacolod kag mag sinadya na kita upod sa mga Masskara "

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