Stilts Calatagan -- Maldives of the Philippines

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Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

I believe I found out about Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort when I was looking up Maldives. When I found out that this one's just in Batangas, I immediately showed it to my daughter, who is my constant travel buddy.

floating cottages

We got interested in their floating cottages and looked it up on their website. Since the room rate is good for 3 pax, we decided to bring along mom, who's a senior citizen. We, of course, had to ask if she wanted to come along, as we were just going to commute by bus to Calatagan.

Dreams floating cottage

My daughter booked the floating cottage as early as November last year. We initially wanted it for February this year, but it was already fully booked. She then took a chance in booking it in August, since it is usually typhoon season here. We prayed that the weather would be favorable for our trip.


On the morning that we would be traveling, it was suddenly raining hard in the metro. We took a cab to PITX (Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange) where we would board a bus to Batangas. We did look it up, and all the while we thought that there are buses there going to Calatagan. We found out that they only have ones that travel to Nasugbu. Since it was still raining hard outside, we decided not to transfer to another bus terminal. On a side note, we were impressed with the PITX, supposedly the first landport in the country. It kinda reminded me of an airport with the booking counters and monitors that announce the schedule of departing buses.

booking counter

booking counter

bus schedule

Perhaps the most challenging part of our trip was the bus ride. Since it was the start of the long weekend, there are lots of passengers travelling to Batangas as well. We got off in Lian Town Proper and walked a few blocks to their public market where a jeepney terminal was located. There we boarded on our way to Calatagan. It's around 33kms away. From the jeepney ride, we got off at another public market in Calatagan and took a tricycle ride to Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort. We left the bus terminal at 9:45am and got to the resort around 3pm.

almost there...

almost there...

check-in area
check in area

Checking in was a breeze, since we did have a reservation. I was impressed right away by the overall relaxing and friendly atmosphere of the place. We immediately proceeded to our cottage to freshen up and get ready. We were famished since we haven't eaten a proper meal since breakfast time. One of the first stop was the nearest restaurant, The Sweet Spot.

inside our cottage

inside our cottage

The Sweet Spot
The Sweet Spot

Water activities for the day were suspended due to inclement weather. It was raining on and off when we got to Batangas, but not as hard as the rain in the metro. We still managed to explore a bit and take a dip at the Infinity Pool. The resort actually has two pool areas. One beside the restaurant, and the other a few steps away. We opted for the latter, as the pools there looked bigger.

poolside area

poolside area

The Infinity Pool
The Infinity Pool

We headed back to the cottage after our swim. We also took some lovely night photos along the way. Dinner was served at the cottage via room service. The place was really vast. We didn't get to explore until the following morning.

poolside at night

poolside at night

night view of the floating cottages
night view of the floating cottages

veranda of The Sweet Spot
veranda of The Sweet Spot

dinner is served
dinner is served

After dinner and cocktails, we availed of the relaxing message service offered at the resort. It was the perfect recap for a tiring day! We slept in early so we could explore before sunrise the next day. Let me take you on a visual tour of the resort the day after.

the sky before sunrise
We got up really early to catch the sunrise. Here's one of my shots of the morning sky.

walking down Harmony Beach
Strolling by Harmony Beach early in the morning. We almost had the beach all to ourselves. There were cottages facing the beach too that guests could rent.

in search of your Destiny?
Walking to find our Destiny. We found the way to Destiny Beach as we explored further. An early morning walk is perfect as it provided us the privacy we enjoyed.

finding Lovers' Point
We saw a signboard that points to a Lovers' Point. You could say we followed our hearts to find the spot.

a closer look at Lovers' Point -- perfect for photo shoots
And there it is! It's perfect for photoshoots, don't you think?

exploring another area of the resort to find Serenity Beach
At this point, it started drizzling, but that didn't stop us from exploring the grounds of the resort. We found Serenity Beach on another side of this vast place.

quiet moment at Serenity Beach
Serenity it is that welcomed us. Perhaps it was indeed too early for the crowd since it was a Sunday morning.

The Beach fixes everything. Does it?
Does the beach really fix everything?

One thing is for sure. I felt more recharged and renewed after this brief geteaway. I was ready to face more of reality once we start heading back to the city. Our stay at Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort was truly memorable. I can't wait for our next adventure.

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Very detailed and visual. I haven't been to Batangas but I'm sure my wife will know the place as she is Pinay.

I have been to Tagaytay, Puerto Princesa, Bagiou and Tacloban amongst others.

I see you are a new account, it's actually a good time to join as things are changing hugely on the blockchain to favour good content.

So a big welcome from me. I will resteem this for you.

Thank you so much for the welcome! Yes, I'm new and still learning the ropes. I highly appreciate the resteem too! 😊

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Phillipines, I've never been there but I've been wanting to for years... that and thailand, so gorgeous! With these photos it only makes me want to go even more. Unfortunately it's too expensive for me, but I'm sure that one day I'll go there,I heard the beaches over there fix everything 😂

That resort looks awesome, and great writeup of your experience there!

And yes, the beach does fix everything. :)

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The cottage, the pool, really everything just looks wonderful. I'm jealous! I need a vacation :)