Have you had a floating deck adventure?Awesome is an understatement

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Hi folks ,FB_IMG_1527459850092.jpg

Several years ago back when I was not operated on I had a very active life.So now at my 40's let me narrate to you one of those days it felt insanely good to be alive


I went to Alcantara Cebu to visit a colleague who is now a public school teacher.Before I heed back to the city we opted to try the municipality floating deck experience.For that we paid fifty pesos roughly a dollar to see the romantic yellow orange sunset and a cool dip into its clear blue water.


I am a proficient swimmer but it onw thing to dive into a water thats deeper than 20feet.So at first I was hesistant but seeing how others enjoyed it I finally cave in to the pressure and I regret it notas the euphoria of it all made me so alive.The sense of danger and excitement all combined to make my heart skip a beat

Becauase my friend Lyn cant swim we spent most of the time on our floaters.FB_IMG_1527459792894.jpg

After we swam we took a customary souvenir picture with his brother.I am happy that fishermen these days know other means of getting profit from ita coastal resource so that they need not resort to illegal means just to make ends meetFB_IMG_1527459767143.jpg

How I wish others could do the same.I wish more and more people support such initiative so this rich natural resource can be preserved for posterityFB_IMG_1527459758883.jpgFB_IMG_1527459762017.jpg

Most people travel to take pictures others to know a culture different from their own in hopes of understanding the world they live in and themselves.While few others travel to seek new adventures .Irregardless of reason I hope it made a better you
Till next post

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Adventure is all you need for an awesome life.. and I agree that awesome is an understatement for an adventure like this.

You're a good swimmer yet you got scared still, what more for us who can't swim😶😶
Would it be possible to credit your photos please thanks.


Thanks @bayanihan photos are all mine.yes because in the water there is tide to deal with.and no baywatch guards also


Pls next time include it in your post...it's not neccesary but ethical to acknowledge them as yours.
Even if not from baywatch, so long as they can help us not drown. Pwede na.😅😃

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