Made of Stone series: Wandering around Prambanan Temple

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I found these photos on my old hard disk. Must be circa 2013 - 2015. I remember taking these shots with my old and cheap Canon 1000D, with 50mm lens a.k.a the nifty-fifty :D

These photos were taken at Prambanan Temple, in the rural part of Yogyakarta, my lovely hometown. Prambanan, along with Borobudur, is a popular travel destination. Expect to meet big crowds at the peak of holiday seasons, and consider to visit before 10 a.m or better, after 4 p.m. I took these photos around 1 - 2 p.m. and I remember it was so hot!

Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple site in Indonesia, and one of the biggest in Southeast Asia. Taken from Unesco website:

Prambanan Temple Compounds contains the original structures that were built in the 9th century AD. The temples collapsed due to earthquake, volcanic eruption and a shift of political power in the early 11th century, and they were rediscovered in the 17th century. These compounds have never been displaced or changed. Restoration works have been conducted since 1918, both in original traditional method of interlocking stone and modern methods using concrete to strengthen the temple structure. Even though extensive restoration works have been done in the past and as recently as after the 2006 earthquake, great care has been taken to retain the authenticity of the structures. (source)

Anyway, you won't find the massive structures here in my post, because my lens was not wide enough.

Okay, enough talks, let's get stoned :P

I hope you enjoy these stone shots.

Some visitors try to escape the heat.


The great things about Yogyakarta apart from the slow and calm nature, we have many ancient temples. Many of it was left unknown and not yet developed as a tourism spot (which is great IMO).

In my area alone, there were two small temples found by farmers beneath their rice fields. Looks like these temples were buried by the massive eruption of Mt. Merapi many centuries ago or earthquake, I don't know... the area is, in fact, prone to natural threats such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Well, I guess that's it for today. See you on the next post :)

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About two candi (temples) in my area, you'll find the short description in Wikipedia:

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Lovely pictures, great post.

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