Let's travel together #92 - Lacul Iezer (The Iezer Lake)

One of those moments when not only that you are proud to live in Romania but also rewarded with the gratitude offered by nature to the many explorers that seek for a new adventure.
The Iezer Lake will leave you speechless with both its beauty and the place where is located, but also through the form it takes which is not random - because it represents Romania's shape.


The journey started pretty early in the morning after we took the breakfast and admired the nature unleashed.
Even though the weather wasn't in our favour being pretty cold and dumpy outside and not so recommended for a 5 hours long journey on the way up to the top of the mountain, because there were announced heavy rains for the rest of the day, we couldn't step back from reaching The Iezer Lake.
All in all, we decided to get into this roadtrip at the end of July while on every TV channel were just bad news about the weather in Romania.
So we have chosen to accept it as a new challenge and take the roadtrip anyway.
And here we go with the day number 2 of this past summer trip after we put the raincoats into the backpack, together with some fresh energy drinks to keep us in shape for the lake we were heading to.



To get to this lake you have to make your way to the northern side of Romania, in Maramureș county, where you will find a little town called Borșa that represents the first stop of your journey.
In Borșa you will find plenty of guest houses together with camping areas but also some places for touristic information that will help you find out what you can visit around during your stay.
Maramureș is known as one of the places where no matter how long you stay, you will never complete all touristic attractions which are surrounding you.


Borșa is also a place where I noticed many people are burying their loved ones right into the yard of their houses. At the beginning, it felt a little bit strange but the landlady of the place where we checked in, explained that even though the little town is so rich in many natural beauties and great landscapes that everyone is searching for, the place itself is very poor, and so the citizens are.
So for those who are not able to buy a place into the cemetery and say goodbye to the loved ones as everyone does, they choose to bury them right next to the house - in this way they remain together forever.


To get from Borșa to The Iezer Lake is pretty simple, because once you get to this part of the city dedicated to visitors from all around the world, is only one road which is heading straight to the mountains.
So you literally just need to follow it until you get to a little bifurcation where the road continues to the right - it will take you to a beautiful church that I'm going to promote in the next posts, and the other part of the bifurcation is a paved road to the left which represents the way to the lake.
You will need to walk for 10-15 mins on this path until you will reach the sign attached in the image from the left, that presents you what animals you can meet on the way to the lake.
So better be aware of the steps you will find on the track and don't lose yourself if it happens to meet a bear, a lynx or just an innocent deer. And don't forget to follow the blue marker you will find on the trees and rocks. It will lead you to the lake.

The Iezer Lake is located in Maramureș county, being situated into the Rodnei Mountains, probably one of the top 3 best mountains in the country that offers hundreds of routes to all the mountain lovers and eagers for a new adventure.
Iezer it's a natural glacial lake that it's resting at the foot of the Pietrosul Mare Peak (2.303m). The lake has an altitude of 1.825m and a surface of 3.450m with the maximum depth of 2,5m.
The lake is pretty close to the weather station called Pietrosul, from where you will need to walk just another 10 mins until you get to the lake.
Not too much passed since I presented a UNESCO destination which is Cheile Turzii. Well, The Iezer Lake is also part of the UNESCO list and what it makes it so unique than any other lake, is its shape which represents Romania's form.

The track is marked as an easy one, even though it takes around 5 hours to reach the lake and the hiking is pretty demanding. But it's definitely worth it.
The secret is to maintain a rhythm of walking and don't take too many breaks because they will exhaust you even more.
The lake is mostly visited during the summer and sunny days, but I've got to visit it on a rainy day and let me say that all these landscapes completed by the foggy and cold weather, made it look like a fairy tale, so far away from reality.


The way up to the lake might seem endless, with many moments when you see a little light at the end oft the road thinking that you've finally arrived.
It happened to me for about 4 times but then I decided to stop expecting something and just keep walking and let nature to surprise me. And that's exactly what she did, offering lots of breathtaking landscapes that are making you feel alive and grateful for those moments spent in nature - just you and the sound of the wilderness.
And I would give anything to bring those moments back..

A simple walk into the nature, especially when it's about mountains and lakes, will make you feel alive and ready to (re)discover yourself in other ways than before, to find new feelings and new thoughts. It challenges you and it makes you wish to become the best, to prove yourself that you can do more than that and no matter how hard the track is, step by step you will reach the destination and what you will get to see will make you feel blessed and forget about all the bad thoughts and daily routines that are killing you slowly.
Because the mountains are for those who want to discover the best in them and not for anyone who visits a place just to take a picture and then leave.
And the whole journey becomes even more interesting when you notice other steps before yours together with the beautiful music sung by the eagles that echoes in all directions, giving a little touch to the wild nature that embraces its tourists.


As any other lake, The Iezer Lake also have a story.
The locators state that there are some mysteries about the depth of the lake as some of the people consider it being bottomless and in deep connections with Marea Neagra (EN: The Black Sea).
The main reason is that some of them lost their animals into the lake, being found after a while into the sea, or just make different tests with logs that are disappearing and on just a few hours they appear into The Black Sea.
They even don't encourage tourists to take a bath into the lake not just because it's very cold being located on the top of the mountain but also being very risky.
The one who is supposed to know exactly what the legend says, is the man that is taking care of the weather station together with its dog that no matter when you visit the lake, the little fur ball will welcome you to the destination, being very friendly and happy.


Once you've reached the weather station, you will need to make a little more effort and keep walking for 10 more minutes and you will reach the lake.
Many people are confused when they get to the station because the markers suddenly go away and that it's because of a huge portion with junipers that are capturing the whole view.
Well, the way is right through the big greeny plants that once you passed by, you will start seeing all kind of indicators.
One of them is dedicated to camping - because yes, The Iezer Lake is also a place reserved to the tourists who wish to wake up in a place like this and stay for a few days to recharge their batteries properly.
A pretty interesting fact is that usually starting a camping fire into the mountains is not allowed, but next to the lake there are around 4 spots specially devoted to this kind of activities if you wish to cook something or just to warm yourself.



Another thing that makes the lake so special is the fauna which is very diversified containing lots of rare plants which are endangered.
But one of those which when is blooming, brings a whole new aspect to the fascinating lake is called rhododendron.
The pink little flowers might seem pretty unnoticeable but when you get to see a whole ground painted in these colours, the lake takes a completely new looking.
And what's even better than getting to see all these beauties, from the lake you can take a different route which is about 1-2 hours long that will bring you to the top of the mountain.
From there you can see better the shape of the lake which is similar with the one of the country, but also enjoy some of the best landscapes beyond the borders of Romania.
Unfortunately, our journey had to stop at the lake due of the deep fog that kept on going and coming again, making it impossible to see the markers and very risky to take the wrong path or fall.





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Wow my friend. You have come a long way with your posts. And, I have missed it all. It has been a while since I was on Steemit but I am glad I stopped by to see this beautiful place you shared with us.

Loved one of the last photos when you are sitting down with the lake in front of you and fog in the mountains. It is breath-taking. Such a gorgeous place. :)

Thank you for sharing it with us. Keep it up. :)

Hey there!! It's really been a while since our latest conversation. I do hope everything is fine for you and yeah, I kept trying improving my writing skills and coding to make those posts even more attractive and I'm happy that you see the differences. :)
And yep, I love that picture too :D I could stay there for ages, the place is really incredible!
Thanks for stopping by and stay safe :)

Gabriela, this place looks phenomenal. Never heard of it before! Thank you for helping me discover Ro and putting on other people's map. Your posts are amazing! Keep them coming! I don't visit your profile to often, but when I do I am literally in awe! Kudos to you!

That's so sweet of you! Thank you so much for the big words. They are really touching. And yeah that place looks incredible, I even feel a little bit depressed writing about it, missing it already.
On Monday will post the video from there if you want to return :)

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Wow, that´s even more spectacular than the last report! Awesome place Gabriela!! :)

Just wait for the video with this place hehe :D thank you so much! It was an incredible place indeed :)

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Thanks for haring this nice hike! But it makes me wonder...

Weren't you smiling during the walk...Was it because of the fog?🤔

Hahaha, nope. I was just very tired and the cold weather didn't really help me :))
BTW, if you remember last summer I was saying in the discord channel about this lake and I promised you I will write about it. Sorry it is so late but here we go, haha :D

Hehe yes I remember that conversation ;)
Beter late then never I always say! I'm always late replying to others 🤣
Are there more posts coming about this?

About the lake no, but about this place from where you can visit many more awesomeness, yes <3
Maramures has a lot to offer and so it will be the subject of my next posts for a while :D

Hey Gabriela,

I love traveling and I fallen in love seeing your blog: just followed and upvoted with joy!

A huge hug from @amico! ;)

Thanks! Welcome abroad :)

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Another great post - I really like how you stylize your articles. a lot of nice photos in this collections.

Followed today. Looking forward to more in my timeline

That's awesome! Thanks you so much! :)

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Such much story! Thanks for giving it to us!

The thing about the lake being connected to the sea... Similar legends of caves we have. Possible underwater currents? Maybe. Sound pretty mythical and epic.

A couple of colleagues showed us picture from their 16-day trip to Mid-West Romania last Wednesday at a club gathering and I want to go there someday.

Yeah it might be that reason. Never thought about it but seems fair.
And I do thank you for reading, it's my pleasure to help people discover Romania :)