Let's travel together #58 - Corvinilor Castle (Castelul Corvinilor)

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I've always prefered outdoors adventures, but from time to time it's also nice to discover some indoors places too.
Each one has its own story, so today we are going to turn our attention to
Corvinilor Castle - and find out its mystery.

Corvinilor Castle, also known as Hunedoara Castle or Huniazilor Castle is located - as its name says - in Hunedoara, Romania and it's one of the most attractive castles from Europe keeping alive the legend of Transylvania.
Huniazilor Castle is one of the most Gothic monuments from Romania, occupying an important position into Top 10 - The most fairy places from Europe.
The castle is also the biggest medieval construction from our country having a double function - both civil and militar.
For about 400 years, the castle had a very tumultuous life as you will see through the pictures along this post and the history that rests in this place but awakens our souls once we discover it.

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Corvinilor Castle is represented by a raven which keeps into its beak a gold ring.
As every castle hides a love story between a prince and a princess - The Castle from Hunedoara also has one.
The legend says that the raven is symbolizing the love between Iancu de Hunedoara (the son of Sigismund de Hunedoara which was the king of Hungary) and a young lady called Elisabeta.
As a sign of appreciation, the king of Hungary offered to the teenagers a gold ring for their love.
Unfortunately, the ring is stolen by a raven which gets attracted by the shine of the beautiful jewel but this event is solved by Iancu which doesn't wait for too long and grabs a bow and arrows and shots the raven recovering the gold ring.
Due to his brave gesture, his father decides that the bird is the perfect symbol to represent the story of their royal family being completed by the meaning of the raven from the Middle Ages which was symbolizing wisdom & longevity.
The name of the family of honor is Corvin where "Corvus" in latin means "Raven" - this being a beautiful coincidence but also how Corvinilor Castle got its name.


While you are exploring the castle, you will get through numerous towers where the fighters were hiding during the battles but also from where they were shooting.
According to some historical documents
in 1784 thousands of people came in Corvinilor Castle to stay hidden by the rebels being estimated around 3000 refugees.
There are even rumors about Vlad Tepes who lived in the Bran Castle from Brasov - that he has been kept in a prison from the castle for around 7 years.

INFORMATION THAT COULD AFFECT YOU EMOTIONALLY: In the castle was a executioner who's job was to decapitalize the prisoners or to even skin them alive.....

In the following pictures I will present you different methods of torture along with inside hidden information.

The chair was most often used by the Spanish People, but it was a method that was also used in our country. Every singe chair was including around 1500 nails entering very deeply into the flesh of the tortured prisoner. The chances of escaping were impossible because of the nails that practically were keeping the hands locked deep into the thorns, the movement being limited by pain. There were even weights added to get more into sharp edges..

Being skinned alive it was originated and used in the Middle Ages, the method being used as torture for those who were opposing to the orders.. The method was practiced by an executioner who was using a knife starting from the face, the victim usually dying before the tyrant reaches the skinning of the abdomen..

The torture bed reprents one of the most popular methods used in the Middle Ages. The bed involves a gripping system where the body of the victim is stretched to the maximum until his wrists are literally breaking. Even though the method is very cruel, there were even more solutions to torture the prisoner worse...

Some of the torture rooms have special sound effects attached which detects when a visitor comes into it, screaming echos getting starting instantly. It's incredible how both realistic and awful the howls and the marrionettes are. I could never imagine how terrible some people died a few hundreds of years ago - it literally leaves you speechless..

As you can see in the picture from the right, the castle is not in one of its best appearance being caught by 3 fires throughout its existence - the worst one being caused by a lighting bolt on 13 April 1854.
This is the reason why most of the castle is very shaky but these events are just contributing to make the story of it become even more interesting.
But I would still recommend you to better be careful at stairs and furniture.

The castle is on 28 km away from Hațeg and to reach this place you can either:

  • drive along DN7 if you come from: Pitești, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Deva or Arad.
  • drive along DN66 if you come from: Tg. Jiu or Petroșani.
  • drive along DN68 if you come from: Caranșebeș.

All these roads are leading you to Simeria from where you will find a lot of touristic signs which will guide you to Corvinilor Castle (also known as Hunedoara Castle or Huniazilor Castle).

The gates are open to visitors according to the following schedule:

  • Monday: 12.00-17.00
  • Tuesday: 9.00-17.00
  • Wednesday: 9.00-17.00
  • Thursday: 9.00-17.00
  • Friday: 9.00-17.00
  • Saturday: 9.00-17.00
  • Sunday: 9.00-17.00

There are also different taxes that you have to be aware of:

Parking Fee: 5 RON

Entrace Fee:
-> Adults: 20 RON (for the following months: January, February, November, December)
25 RON (for the following months: March, April, September, October)
30 RON (for the following months: May, June, July, August)
-> Students: 5 RON
-> Pensioner: 10 RON

Photo Fee: 5 RON

Video Fee: 15 RON

Guide Fee: 30 RON for Romanian language
50 RON for a foreign language

(Source: http://www.castelulcorvinilor.ro/info-vizitatori/)

As always. I hope you enjoyed our time spent together and you had fun in our little trip.
A study shows that the castle is visited by a lot of tourists from all over the world, in 2014 about 230.000 visitors passing the gates to explore this beautiful place and find out its story.
So what do you think?
Maybe you are the next one contributing on this beautiful number of guests.

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Your work is extensive.
Its clear that you have put in great time to put this together.
Well done.
Its very nice...


About 4-5 hours. But it's totally worth it :)

Looks scary but in same time interesting. Not sure If I would take my kids there but I would like to visit it for sure, You describe it perfectly :)


I'm glad you enjoyed it. And yeah I either don't believe it's a good idea for the kids, especially if they are really young :)

Wow. That was a disturbing read. And people today think people are violent. I think they were more so in the past.


We tend to believe that now are hard times but we forget the history of our country.. thanks for reading! 😊

Hey @gabrielatravels congratulations for such a great stuff! As a hard core traveler we feel a subjective sense in your article, it is great! great content with amazing photographs.


Thank you very much and oh, hello fellow travelers! 😀💚

Thanks for the insight! This is a place I would like to visit :D It's great to see all your photos too! It's a first for me to see these as I have only ever seen pics of the outside :)


Yes I understand you. I am also more into outdoors adventures but it's so nice to get lost in a place like this and return home with lots of memorable things into your soul.
Thanks for stopping by and reading! 😀

This castle looks like something out of Hollywood, very well preserved...

Lots of great info, thanks for sharing :-)


Thanks for stopping by :)

Congratulations on your CURIE upvote .... very well deserved!!! I need to get one of those thorn chairs for our enemies, it's sooo cruel!


Hahaha. That's so mean!!
Also thank you! I'm very happy with the curie vote! 💚

Thanks @gabrielatravels for this interesting post.
I've never been to Romania, but this castle will be on my must-visit places when I visit your country!
Your blog posts are really interesting, have followed.


Thank you so much! Well I'm gonna make you add even more "to visit" locations from Romania! 😀


Do! Am looking forward to it! :D

Good to see some crazy castle..the thorn chair make goosebumps....these old monuments remind us all the history and things that had gone past....good explqnation @gabrielatravels


Yeah those torture methods are so crazy..
Thanks for your time to read and comment 😊

Thanks for sharing such a detailed report. I would love to visit this place, but I'll definitely have to brace myself before entering. I think it will give me nightmares.


Hahaha it's not that bad. But some rooms are really scary.
Thanks for stopping by 😀

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Great post, my dear!! hugs


Thank youuu! 🤗❤️

Wow, this is definitely the most disturbing #walkwithme I have ever seen!! Did you feel any presences of spirits when you were there. I cannot believe the torture on display.

I loved the castle though, I have never been in such ancient architecture.


I don't really understand if you comment is positive or not but I'm glad that you enjoyed the castle. :)


It was positive, I was just blown away because I have never experienced anything like that before :)


Oh alright. Thanks for clarification :D

Damn! This place looks amazing. I love castles, and I loved this one even more when I read that it is represented by a raven, as raven is my favorite animal!


Uhh, that's so cool! I'm glad you enjoyed the post and took your time to read it and comment. Thank you! 😊

Hiya, just swinging by to let you know you're being featured in today's Travel Digest!

Foarte frumoasa postarea, se vede ca ai muncit mult. Pupici :D


Mă bucur ca se cunoaște 😀
Mulțumesc pentru interes, pup 😘

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Great description impressive the usage of knife to skin people alive. It is true it was typical at that time around Europe.


Yep..and scary in the same time.
I'm happy I haven't lived those times..
Thanks for stopping by :)


Unfortunately there are someone who still practice torture to prisoners ......maybe not sure where and about skin people but we should consider it torture or kind of .

Interesting. I've never been to Romania before but would love to visit one day. Scary models :D Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for your time to discover a little part from my country :D

It's a great post! and i'm happy the reward its been good too! you deserve it!!
Regarding the castle, it's ironic how the same building can join the best and the worse of the human being.
The ability for improving the buildings and create art in the constructions like this castle but...in the other hand some of the purposes and what it happened there...
Thanks for sharing as always!
You are growing and developing in the good side!!


Thank you so much for being here from the beginning till now, seeing me evolving and both my mistakes and successes ❤️

A great post looks like a cracking day out. When i'm over that way i'll be sure to visit 💯🐒


I'm glad to hear this 😃

Your post made me thirsty to visit Corvinilor Castle! Awesome and very detailed insights! Keep exploring, friend :))