2018 - A Year on The Road, trying to Find a Home

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I started 2018 in a giant hot tub in the eco village "Der Hobbitstee" in The Netherlands, hardly knowing how I got there and not knowing where this year would take me at all!

My son and brother at the hot tub before the big night..!

We (being me, my partner, our son, my brother Balder and his girlfriend Ida) then continued in our campervan down through Europe, through Belgium and France, into Paris, where we parted way with Ida and Balder, who jumped on a plane back to Denmark.

All of us in Paris

We continued the journey through France, over the Pyrenees and finally into a bit warmer winds in Spain!
It's amazing how the climate changes so drastically from one side of the Pyrenee Mountains to the other!

Driving through the Pyrenees

Arriving at my friend's squat in Vilanova, near Barcelona

We then spend the rest of the winter in Spain! visited friends in Murcia and enjoyed the south coast, hanging out with all the other vandwellers, escaping the European winter!

Roberto, Willow and Igor, a friend from Italy, visiting another Italian friend in Elche!

We got stuck with the camper on another friend's land in Murcia, and had to get pulled out, after trying to push it out for an eternity!


We stayed in this wonderful yurt for a while, enjoying the pomegranates, almonds and oranges falling from the trees around us! Oh South European Abundance! I will always miss you!


Almond hunting with my friend Candela on the endless abandoned almond fields in the desert!

We went by San Pedro - an occupied village in a beautiful little bay in the North East part of Andalusia. The village is dotted by small self build houses around the landscape.

San Pedro bay seen from the path you have to walk to get there, along the beautiful coast line


people living in very simple huts close together with nature and get water from a spring that flows in the valley


We met up with the Andalusian World Schooling Community on the Beach in Las Herraduras. Here one extraordinary woman organises weekly meetups and events for traveling world schoolers and world schoolers living in the area.


We spend some time on a beautiful little beach with lots of vandwellers and met many beautiful families and people.



Here my steemit adventure also begun, as I met @markwhittam and his wonderful family of 7, who introduced me to the platform.

@markwhittam's tiny house on wheels and kids. I wonder what has happened to you now Mark?

Okay, still only in February of this year, wondering how I can make this post a bit shorter 😂

Well, we headed north again, because Roberto wanted to do a Bio Construction Course near Va¨lencia. Swung by some hot springs on the way!

Willow in the hot springs in El Saladillo

Site for the bio construction workshop

We managed to get up to El Morreon, a very wonderful Valley near Orgiva, that we had waited to visit because of the mountain temperatures! I swore I would return to this place later, but didn't manage to (yet!)

celebrating birthday for one of the kids in the community in their tiny home on wheels, like most people here live in

Then we headed south again and took a little 10 day trip to see the snow in Italy and visit Roberto's family


And then I better rush on to April, where we went to Portugal to the Freekuency festival! The largest gathering of house-trucks and vans I have ever experienced!



We then went to a Rainbow Gathering and met some Danish people who we joined on a road trip down to the south coast of Portugal




Okay, this is again dragging out! We stayed in Portugal the rest of the month, and then went back to spain. Roberto went to Murcia to get solar panels on our camper and I went to Madrid and Asturias to visit friends.

We made some money selling art and gnocchi at "the hippie market"



Then in May we started heading towards Denmark. We travelled back through France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and back to Denmark, where we just managed to catch my mom the day before she moved from her old home to the island Bornholm, where life has taken me too now!

Castle in France

My mother's old self build house and the moving van

The new house on Bornholm, where we spend most of the summer

On Bornholm I met the group of home caring and partly homeschooling families, which inspired me to dream about a settled life, being a part of a community and getting involved with a place and it's people. At this point I really started missing a more steady home and to grow some roots!
The last years journeys has been amazing, but also tiring and I missed doing something more "meaningful" and work towards a bigger project.

summerfest with the group

Well life took me back to the Italian mountains to spend time with Roberto and his family..



Then suddenly a big piece of land with several buildings came up for sale on the island Bornholm. It looked like the perfect place to start an eco village and the life I was urging to live! We had very little time to decide about this place, and before the short deadline we decided to buy it!
I bought this land together with the people - Balder and Ida - whom I started the year with in the hot tub! That's a perfect circle for you there!


So I went back to Denmark in the end of this year to a very very huge project!!
I started the year with no plans, but with a wish to find something.. Life send me back to Denmark with an end of searching and next year will probably look very very different from the last!
The last years I have lived very free from worries or plans or commitment, but also with a lack of meaning, community and vision.
Now I have a very big vision, a big commitment and project to work on! And I hope this will attract the community I have been missing!

Happy New Year!

Thank you for stopping by! <3



Join Us On Discord. https://discord.gg/hPJs5Rb


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I've being following your journeys as a lurker for most of the year, and see this recap hit close to home, I can't even imagine how it is to have actually experience all of this, the journey, the landscapes, the people, the places, blessing to you and all your people, thanks for sharing all of it with all of us!

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Thank you so much!

Wow! You really lived the year on the road. That must be one great adventure to remember in a lifetime. I am amazed by the energy and enthusiasm that you have, specially with the boy tagging along.

While your road trips sound so amazing, it is also lovely to think about your plan being back in Denmark. May your dream eco-village comes true. I can only imagine the serenity and freshness of being one with nature. Good luck on your project!


Thank you!
Yes it has been really amazing living on the road, but I just missed roots so deeply after so many years! But I probably (and hopefully!) can't skip travel completely ;D


Yeah, I think it is better to be stable somehow but traveling once in a while will definitely be great for diversity. I myself long for seeing new places once in a while. 😊

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Wow judging from all the places that you have visited, your 2018 has been amazing and full with adventures! But it's interesting to me that you have an entirely different plan for this year, no doubt it will be another rich and wonderful experience :).
Congratulations for your curie vote, Freja :D.


thank you! yes it will be exciting what will come from the new future..! I probably can't stop traveling all together yet though ;) Let's see

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You tell a beautiful story @ frejafri and I am mesmerized by your photographs. You always capture the essence of the places you visit. Congratulations on your ecovillage and new vision! All the best in 2019!


Thank you! Yes it's a whole new chapter to start..!

Wao Lovely set of Photographs amazing :)

Those pictures they are gorgeous... San Pedro beautiful ... your son. <3

Wishing you an awesome 2019 @frejafri :)


thank you, and to you too! <3

What a great reflection.

Why an amazing adventure you have had the last year! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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Another great post - your pictures are excellent in this one. Kinda jealous of that pomegranate, can't get them near me anymore this season. Looking forward to more, be safe.


I am jealous too, haha, being in Denmark now I also have to get the ones from the supermarket 😪 Thank you!

An inspiring tale. And I wish you a Well inspired new year and years to come!

yeah so nice to see your year in pictures, I recognize a few faces and you also have my daughter in one picture, hope to see you back here one day xxxx


i hope to come back too! such a wonderful place :) And beautiful kids ;)

Amazing post, @frejafri ! Your 2018 has been full with journeys and adventures, and your warm spirit and connections with those around you burst out of your posts !! I wish you all the best for 2019, I am excited about your eco-village, and I always always look forward to a @frejafri's posts :D


Thank you @veryspider, you're too kind :D <3

Happy New Year @frejafri! That there might be a lot of beautiful things coming along your way on your new adventure in Denmark. Hopefully you'll keep us posted with your adventures although maybe little less travel minded..😔 Still very happy you shared your adventure here on Steem with us! Thanks for that 😘

For 2019, I hope you guys had a great start and I wish you and your family all the best. Looking forward to the stories coming from Denmark.

Hang loose 🤙


Well I still have a lot of chapters from my overland to india journey waiting to be written, so you'll probably see more from that - and who knows, I might not be able to stay in one place for too long ;D
Thank you!
All the best for your 2019 too!

What a wonderful adverture 2018 was for you! I am looking forward to watching what you do with 2019!

Wooow a wonderful year, you left me speechless when I saw everything you did during 2018, all my best wishes for you this 2019 <33

All your pictures were amazing, specifically the Italian mountains wow very beautiful, captures unique and incredible moments, be super happy with your post..

A big hug @frejafri


Thank you! Yes it was a wonderful year to look back on :) :D

Oh wow, I wanna try that pomegranate and almond hunting too! I'd love that I'm sure. Meaning I will have to travel to Spain in the future. haha.

You mean as a European you can just travel from country to country without a Visa or Passport or anything? The van traveling life seems really easy and problem free the way you describe it. :D


Yes inside Europe there is no restriction of travel, there is no border control, apart from some countries has started controlling the borders after the "refugee crisis" in the past years, so you'd have to have a passport or national ID, but it's still no problem to go between European Countries when you are European. As a non-European you'd get a "schengen visa" which is valid for all European countries in the deal (almost all, but not UK fx).
Spain is definitely worth a visit! And a van is a great way to go around! Many places they don't let you park for free in theory, but in off season (as this was) no one really cares and we had no problems. I think it's a bit different in summer though, but then there is always campsites in case.


Hmmm interesting. Yeah I heard about the schengen visa. Hehe. Alright thanks!

Ah. I feel boring. I need a madventure. Send. Help.

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Come and help build up our new eco village..! Pretty please :D


Oh gosh we would seriously think about that one!!!!

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